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Hello readers! How are you? I wish you all have a great day.
Thus time i am here to write about NEOXIAN SILVER (NEOXAG) POWER CONTEST FOR COMMUNITIES. The contest is run by @zaku. And dirt time i follows @zaku contest. You know about a social community have power to boost the other neoxians community.


It almost some days ago I've joined the #neoxian. And thinking to invest some steem amount in the Neoxag. I have set plan to buy 9k Neoxag.

Now back to the topic contest For Communities 10k NEOXAG POWER Delegation

Nomination List of Communities

  1. I want to put at first. Steemhunt deserve this delegation. They are focused to helping the hunters. They have a wide plan and concentration on their work to helping the hunters and makers in their reviewhunt program.

  2. My second choice is because they also helping communities on their efforts on sharing useful content links and news. I would love to see if the people wil get vote in Neoxag token from dlike.

  3. My 3rd choice is they deserve the Neoxag delegation.
    Actifit is innovation dapp having aim to incentivize the healthy and fit lifestyle. They have rewarding the community on daily activities.

  4. Esteem is my other preority that deserve the Neoxag delegation.

  5. In last i want to nominate @ocdb. The way helping the newbies on their little efforts and appreciating new comers is just amazing.

I am sure these all communities deserve the NEOXAG Power delegation. They are focused to attracting the more people on steem blockchain.

So All the above nominated Communities are deserved the NEOXAG Power delegation because it will attract more user to our tribe if they are getting NEOXAG on their post

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