Art Explosion 72: The roller coaster of life

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In life we go through diverse situations that can make us laugh, cry, sing, dream, hope, give, rest, hate, love, among other emotions, or simply a mixture of some of them; the point is that we seem to be on a roller coaster, I personally compare life and their experiences with a roller coaster, but definitely the journey in it is wonderful.

Here is the final result of my work:


Step by step

The first thing I did was the pencil drawing.

I painted the sky with blue tones giving more intensity to the right side of it.

I darkened the right side of the sky to give the illusion of the night, using the darkest shades of blue and black.

On the left side of the sky I drew a sun to give it more light and worked the roller coaster with a gradient of color ranging from warm to cold tones.

I painted the columns that support the roller coaster black, on the right side I made them incompletely to give the illusion that they are broken. On the left side I drew three seagulls to give more life to the sky.

This is a participation for ART EXPLOSION 72: Theme LIFE ” promoted by @juliakponsford

Hoping that you liked my work, any comment or suggestion I do not hesitate to do so, grateful for the support received, I say goodbye until next time.


It is a great representation, I agree with you, we can be on top and abruptly near the floor, it is a hectic life and full of so many things, but if it were not so I think it would be simply boring. Because if you don't have something that makes you fall, how to learn to be brave and get up? or if you laugh, you know that at any moment you can cry, but you will overcome it because life does not end in the moment of sadness.

Greetings and good luck in the contest!

I really loved the theme of the contest, so the idea of representing the adventure we call LIFE through a roller coaster came to me instantly. Thank you so much!

If life is like a roller coaster, but we should still have fun no matter what. Beautiful drawing, good luck!

That's very good advice @vida-blanca I agree with you, in the end that's the most important thing. I'm so glad you liked my work. Thank you very much. ;))

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Nice work... Reminds me my memory when I first saw roller coaster... hahaha...

Thank you so much :)

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Your work is very nice. My life is exactly this type of roller coaster 😂 many up's and down, but I agree with you. The journey is also wonderful

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I'm glad you liked my work. That was exactly what I wanted, that we could all identify with my drawing. Thank you

Wow! This is amazing! You just summarized everything about life - the different things we face in the journey.

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What beautiful words, thank you very much! your drawing looks amazing too ;)

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Thank you so much for your support!! :))