Digital female portrait-experiment with texture

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ntopaz-image-0I painted a female face digitally with photoshop and wacom intous graphic tablet. This is the number 10th portrait in my portrait list. When i realized that naming my arts was a real pain in my head i started to name them as "portrait1", "portrait2" etc. this is easier now. and i have hit number ten since i started to paint portraits regularly.
On this piece i experimented with some textured brush and i am really happy with how this looks.

Process description:
As usual i start by preparing a lineart. Then i create a new layer and place it below the sketch layer so even when i am painting, i can see the lines.
Then i use a hard round brush to block in the skin color. I take create a new layer and use the clipping mask option so i can't paint outside my skin.
Then i use a soft round brush to quickly paint some shadow and light. Of course these colors are not final. As i keep painting these colors will be changing as well.
I start with the lips but i take a new layer and paint the lips on that layer so i don't mess up the lines when painting below the lips.
Then i work on the eyes. I took a little too much time to paint the eyes. I made them as smooth as possible for me.
Then i work on the skin shading a bit and then move on to the nose.
After this i realized i have been spending too much time on skin so i shift my attention to the hair.
I use a hair brush to draw some hair strokes. I use some really hard edge textured brush to paint the neck cloth and the background.
At the end i add some freckles to the face and some highlights. I finish it with some more highlights on the hair.


Here are some process shots:
Screenshot (647).png

Screenshot (648).pngScreenshot (649).pngScreenshot (650).pngScreenshot (651).pngScreenshot (652).pngScreenshot (653).pngScreenshot (654).pngScreenshot (655).pngScreenshot (656).pngScreenshot (657).pngScreenshot (658).pngScreenshot (659).pngScreenshot (660).pngScreenshot (661).png



Desde de una nueva perspectiva vemos otra obra de arte con estas características originales y hermosas, la cual ha venido perfeccionando y agarrando nuevas visualizaciones en nosotros. Me gusta el color del rostro y las pecas que le colocas, porque así marcas tu sello personal, me gusta mucho los detalles del cabello y la perfección de su nariz, ademas de sus hermosos ojos, todo en conjunto es fantástico y hacen que tu obra sea única. Gracias por compartir con nosotros tu arte y habilidades.


Your work is so strong ~ Only impressiveness stressed this work ~ Shining ~ Like a classical western portrait, this has this own beauty ~ Gorgeous ~

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The lips, freckles and eyes have a special artistic magic, it is seen that you master Photoshop very well, congratulations

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cool it is

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