A man without sense is like a beast

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Hello everyone;🤗How are you all?I hope everyone is good. I am also good.In this post I am going to share a motional talk.The creation of the larger with the smallest objects. Just as little error or petty guilt drives people into sin, so can mercy fill the earth with heavenly pleasures through grace and small great virtues. So it is not right to despise the minor.
Expanded thinking: It is more important to have a job than a work plan. Because if the plan is large, it is difficult to achieve. But if we do not look at the plan, then it will be seen that these small tasks will one day be huge. If we look at this world, we will see that the continent is formed by small sand. The point is the ocean created from the point of water. With just a few moments, life becomes a full time. Everyone in the world wants to keep themselves intact. That's why he wants to be big.

And to grow up, he has to possess many qualities. First of all, he has to be a good man. If we have to work selflessly for the welfare of the people, then he will be able to be memorable in exchange for his work in the world. But if the action is about to become something bigger, then he will not be able to bear flowers. It is good to have a big plan but it is a real idea whether it can be converted to work. It is better to make small plans than this. It is inappropriate to go out of my way to do anything. The importance of action is much more than thinking. No matter how small the action is.


If we look at the world, we will see that those who are remembered by the great deeds on earth have sacrificed their lives for the good of the next. Great people are reminded of the world by their small deeds. That is, if karma is great and even if it is small, then one day this smallness will make him great. Such huge buildings are built with small bricks. In the same way, a person gains immortality in the world through small deeds. Therefore, nothing should be considered trivial because it is trivial.

Nothing should be trivialized by being small. Because small is the birth of a big one. So if we can do all the great things we can by avoiding the smallest of wrongs, then our small deeds will one day make the earth heavenly.


Amen to that. Happy Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday 🔥😊