Colors of holidays

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New Year is almost here, Christmas as well so what I wanted today to present to you is Winter mood photos, because that's what represents December. Bokeh photos will have main point in this post because of the colorfulness that represents Christmas and New Year. Everyone is waiting for that to come and enjoy it with their families and loved ones. When I was little kid I loved waiting for New Year just to see what presents will I get, what toy, sweets and other stuff, now my main point is having good time with my loved ones and, of course, eating sarma. :D

Anyways, tell me what do you love the most about upcoming events. Do you like also eating a bit more than usual when it comes New Year and Christmas? :D

Enjoy in these photos! Cheers! :D









Oh my... so many bubbles! Love the first shot!!

I had to google what Sarma is and it looks like polish dish "goląbki". I love it! :)

Hahaha :D Sarma is the best dish I ever had in my whole life. :D My grandmother used to make sarma, she was the best. :)

New year is around the corner.
New hope, new beginning, new life.

New year resolution :D

So many great photos. I loved the colors and the bokeh. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Thank you very much and of course, thank you for curating my post. I'm really glad that you liked them :)

Winter vibes are always welcomed. Thx for sharing