Release to Freedom!

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Here is the release of the young crow today and the first picture above will be explained a bit later in the post.
Things didn't quite go as expected, but you be the judge if it was a failure, or if we were successful. One difficulty was that I have never had a trapped crow before.
Enjoy the post!


Right here was the start of the event!


Squirry was the first to say; "Now what is that"?


Robby the Robin answered; "Yay! he has bought us a new chicken"!


I placed the rescue cage on the grass and removed the roof!


Slowly tipping the cage over to level it with the ground!


Bang! Mr. Young crow popped out and I was waiting for him to fly away!


Fly? "Who wants to fly" he thought?


Jumping all over the place I pleaded with him to fly!


Right, at last, there he goes, but into the neighbor's property. Look at the back of the car.


I had to rush in there because of the cats!

Turn up the volume to hear the parents arriving in the video!


Oh! I was so glad and Marian was dancing because the crow parents came!


Crow mom appeared loudly on the roof above the youngster!


I walked away knowing that the parents would now take over.


We left to go to the local flea-market, this is also where the first photo fits in.

Also for #marketfriday hosted by @dswigle


This is why we went to the market. We bought a block of pure Glycerine soap there, which I cut into smaller blocks for our bathing needs.


Late afternoon we arrived back here and guess what we saw? Yep! Mom and young crow up on the high tree, free and wild, or is it wild and free!


A photo that made my heart skip a beat!

I cannot describe the feeling of relief that I had when I saw the picture above.
The thought about the dangers that could happen to the young crow whilst we were away kept on nagging me. A cat could have attacked him, or one of the cars in the complex could have crushed him and so I think that you can understand what a great release I felt when I saw them up there safe and sound!


Normal life, if I may call it that was soon re-established and here we have squirry with a nut and the dad crow on guard on the lamp post in the background.


Finally, late rain clouds covered the sky above while the late sun stroked the mountains!

That's all Folks!

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the photos and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity.

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Saved a baby crow today. Hero of the day. I kinda like your camera. It zooms perfectly.

Thank you and oh yes, the Canon has a good zoom action.

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Thank you for the support.

Ah so glad that the mommy Crow came back to take care of the baby! Stunning artwork at your local market @papilloncharity, thanks for always sharing such feel good posts:)

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Thank you Lady Lizelle and methinks that we all have much too serious stuff going on. That's why I post these kinds for a little bit of light.
I remember when the Loerie babies parents didn't return and how disappointed we were when they all died. It was so great to hear and see the parents that I wanted to kiss them hahaha.

Success for sure! I love that shot of you standing over the crow imploring him to fly, and can imagine your flapping your wings to show him how. I, like you, would have worried and been very relieved when I saw that he was safe.
Is that view of the mountains from near your house?
Very uplifting post, thank you.

Thank you and I was so desperate that I almost started preaching to that stubborn young crow my friend. His parent certainly saved the day for us.
We live in a bay that is fronted by the ocean and surrounded by the mountains close behind is. The bay looks almost like a horse shoe shape with the open part being the sea.

I did enjoy the story a lot and with the images, the story was complete. Cheers!

Thank you and I am glad that you enjoyed the post my friend.
Thank you for the kind comment.

 last year (edited)

Many thanks and same to you, more blessings coming your way!

Thank you my friend.

I love a happy ending!
@tipU curate

Thank you for the kind support and glad that you liked the post my friend,

Good is that which ends well :-)
The last photo of mountains and clouds is just a bomb!

We live in a bay here in the cape, fronted by the ocean and surrounded by mountains.Our charity work takes place in the poor areas with mostly farm laborers children and old age homes.
Glad that you liked the outcome and the photos.
Blessings and thank you!

We live in a bay here in the cape, fronted by the ocean and surrounded by mountains.

You have to be happy there :-))

Oh yeah, it took us a long time to get this place as we have been moving around a lot with our charity work, but now at last we are here permanent.
And you? Are you happy at your place?

Good question. I will answer it in the affirmative. I have children and grandchildren, I have a house and free time for my favorite activities.
What else is needed for happiness? :-))

I think you and I sing the same song my friend.
I am in South Africa and where are you at?

We can say that I am in Northern Europe :-)))
My city St. Petersburg Russia

Ah! A most wonderful city my friend. I also have a few friends there.
Do you know @amalinavia ?

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁Aahhah so thrilling crow tales!😃 happy for the baby crow!

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Hahaha,so glad to make you happy my friend!
Blessings and thank you!

I count it as a success and another wonderful post, your posts are always such a pleasure to visit

Thank you for the kind love my friend.

Most welcome :)

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A sincere thank you for the kind support.

I am glad that all is right in the young crows world! Thank you!

Thank you also for walking through the stories with me Lady Melinda.
Maybe someone somewhere will copy this when they encounter a hurt animal in the future.
Blessings and all love to you!

I would hope that everyone everywhere is kind to all of our animal friends! 🐒🐈🦓🐘🦃🕊️🐢🐝

We have the same hopes my friend, but there is much cruelty about.
Recently the animal services had to euthanize two pet lion cubs because the owner never fed them. So sad and I simply cannot understand why people would want to own wild animals.

Yay, so fun! What a great end to the adventure @papilloncharity :) Glad to see the baby united with mama. Your story is so sweet, I love squirry and robin joining into the fun, lol Blessings my friend, enjoy your Sunday

Thank you Mrs. Bird.
We certainly have fun and adventures with the little beauties over here.
Glad that you liked the post my friend.
Blessings and may you have a good week!

You took a lot of great pictures!!! We have so many crows around here - they are stealing other bird's babies 😱

Thank you my friend.
Stealing babies is merely population control by mother nature.
We had to learn this the hard way as we also got mightily upset to see the babies disappear and we still don't like it, but we have to accept it.

Oh I can only imagine the relief you must have felt to see the mother and baby crow reunited and her taking care of him as if nothing had happened! Whew!
Lovely sunset on the mountains - breath-taking!
Thanks for sharing your crow rescue story and beautiful photos!

Thank you for taking part in the story my friend.
We were so happy to see that all was well again.
Raining here until Wednesday, but I do get out every time that the sun peeps between the rain clouds.

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Thank you kindly!

A job well-done. :) It's awesome that you got the opportunity to get a great photo of mom and her child reunited!

Oh yeah, that photo of the mom back with her child made it all so worth it my friend.
Hope that you guys have a good week.
Blessings and thank you!

I love to start the week watching your photographs
Happy Monday

Thank you for the lovely comment my friend.
Hope you have a great week.

Wonder if he was scolded for being out in the rain getting wet, great to see parents arrived to take over Stephen or you would have (might still have) another mouth to feed.

Hahaha, that guy turned out to be so good Lady Joan.
We didn't hear him once during the night and I think that he knew that he was safe. Maybe that's why he didn't just take off the next morning.
Ether that he liked our crow hotel, or that he was scared of his mother.
I would have tried to do the same Lol
Blessings and thank you!

Always rewards helping animals during time of need.

Not always Lady Joan, as we have also lost many that died during the night. Definitely a nervy business and that's why we are so delighted when they survive.
Bit you know what I am talking about.

that must be amazing moments for see Young crow fly away.
Nice post sir. Beautiful photographs..

A great experience my friend!
Blessings and thank you!

It is nice to see animals that live in harmony with people.

Calmness, love and respect works wonders in nature my friend.

Lovely photos and lovely story too! ^_^

Thank you and glad that you liked it!

haha! Howdy sir papilloncharity! What a marvelous outcome, well done you guys! Some great photography work too, Marian took some of those didn't she? Now things are back to normal until tomorrow. lol. I wonder if the crows will hang around your place as their home base?

Nope, the male still returns to bomb me occasionally Sir @janton, but the youngster is now flying and they will only return in the next nesting season.
I think the dad just wants to remind me that the high palm tree belongs to them hahaha.

lol! The male wants to make sure you know your place!

The thing is that I cannot get him on the camera as every time he comes at speed from behind me. Between him and squirry I am regularly ambushed hahaha.

lol. He dives bomb you from the air and squirry jumps on your back! That's a fun place to be. lol.

Better than a circus methinks.

lol! It is very entertaining for us out here that's for sure!

Glad my friend, I am a good clown Lol