Some beautiful sights!

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A stack of wine vats near the entrance to another farm. We visited the one next door.

Due to "Loadshedding", this simply means electrical power cuts leaving us all in blackness, I have had to slap this post together as quickly as possible and pray that we will not be cut off while uploading the pictures.
Join us on a quick walk.


A Papillon (butterfly) on a lilac flower!


Some old historical barn doors!


Table at the entrance of an old farmhouse!


Old store shed! Check out those doors!


Beautiful nature surrounds the place! And there you can see the original house and the store!


Early morning dew on a Protea flower!


Fish in the dams!


Buffalo sculptures at the drinking hole!


Our future picnic place!


Scarlet dropwing Dragonfly!


Golden dropwing Dragonfly!


Finally, to greet you with this beautiful poem:
"There is a goddess of Memory
but none of Forgetting
Yet there should be
as they are twin sisters
twin powers.
And walk on either side of us
disputing for sovereignty over us
and who we are, all the way
until death".
(Richard Holmes)

I found this poem in a bush on an engraved plate, and it is so true as Memory and Forgetting are indeed related and continue to plague us; whenever decision time arrives.

The visit here brought about a great peace to our souls, and we enjoyed the fresh mountain air, water and bird song...paradise!

Trust that you have enjoyed the photos.

Thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

#poetry #life #nature


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A sincere thank you.

All fantastic shots and glad you got it postrd brfore the loadshedding

Those doors are amazing as are those shots of the dragonfly shots


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Thank you JJ and also for the kind token my friend.
You are a blessing to us.

As the weekend approaches may you have a great weekend ;)

Some things are to be remembered and some to forgot, i enjoyed the poem and the photographs. this farm has a lot to offer:)

Thank you Sir George. It is certainly the nicest farm that we have visited here yet. But of course there are many places still to see.


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A kind thank you!

Wow, this future picnic place is really something

Thank you and it is indeed an interesting and beautiful place.

Beautiful pictures, well done for getting them uploaded!

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Thank you and glad that you liked the pictures my friend.
We are certainly having a difficult time here between the electricity cut offs.


Very interesting and beautiful place!

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Thank you and glad that you liked it my friend.

Love this @papilloncharity :) The sweet butterflies, dragonflies truly breathtaking. Great shots today, have a wonderful weekend! Blessings to you and your family

Thank you for the kind comment Mrs.Bird.
May you guys also have a good weekend.
Blessings to you and yours!

hello good morning happy friday
The dragonfly is beautiful and good images.
but the tximeleta (butterfly) is beautiful for me very difficult to photograph are very fast

Ah! The Tximeleta, I remember well, but what do you call a Dragonfly?
May you and yours have a good weekend my friend.

Dragon flies definitely have a way with finding you wherever you wander Stephen.

Those doors are an impressive size, Buffalo sculptures very distinguishable at the right place, a watering hole.

Thanks for sharing this relaxing spot along with all the beauty.

Hahaha, I think that the drags have somehow installed a "Tracker" on me Lady Joan. Only joking, as where there is water there will be life.
Glad that you liked the post and for a change we went up today in the cable car of Table Mountain.
5 hour travel and queue wait, but it was so worth the wait.
Stone throwing and burning tires on the way back and bumper to bumper stop and start on the way back.
Only got home at 6:30pm and had to rush to get today's post in.
A real gamble as loadshedding at 8pm.
Switched everything off and waited until 9pm, but surprise, surprise, no loadshedding!
Tired but now at 10:27pm all done and dusted.

So glad you were able to get the pictures uploaded in time! Good job, they were beautiful!

Thank you so much for the kind words.
The power cuts certainly make things very difficult for us, but we do what we can.
Glad that you liked the post and I like the fact that you are a home schooling teacher. Maybe you should start a small private home teaching school with a few more kids Lol

Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement...but I don't know how that would go lol

Yeah, it's hard, but it's great that you are able to sort it out and still make things happen!

Well you said in your previous reply on your post that one has to adapt to the changes my friend and that is exactly what we are doing.
We have many small home schools over here that was started by parents that home schooled their children. The saying is that if you can teach two, then you can teach four, or six and make some money out of the deal by charging the extra kids school fees.

That's true!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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A sincere that you for the kind support.
Blessings to your work.

Such a wonderful discovery and place to explore!
I love the stone work and of course the beautiful carving on the table and sculptures!
Also to see the beauty in the small creatures which shines through to those who care to stop and take a closer look!
And one more treasure - that powerful poem engraved on the plaque!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you and I was also touched by the truth in that post my friend.
The place is a veritable photographers paradise and we will be certain to go back there on a few more visits.
A nature lovers dream.

Amazing sir papilloncharity, what did you guys do there, was that a winery? Wonderful views and scenery!

Thank you Sir @janton and yes those wine vats was at the entrance to a wine farm, but we passed it to go to the sculpture farm that I posted about.

I would have to go visit both! lol.

Hahaha, we have a few hundred wine farms across the district Sir @janton and thus far I think we have visited only about 5.
They even have established wine routes for tourist buses that stop for tastings and eats at some of the farms.
Not for us though, as we like to do our own thing.

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