Funny photograph of an unexpected trip / Scorpion

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Greetings friends!

I present this post with this photo of the beginning, in which it is a small scorpion, which I found while the other people in my group saw birds, I observed something unusual on the ground, and it was this little friend. Our little friend moved very little, since he was being shipwrecked, sailing on a leaf by the river, with a calm current so we could delight him. It's amazing how you camouflage with your surroundings.

In the photograph I included the sheet so that they have a reference of the scale of our little friend.


I commented that it was an unexpected trip since I was going to a carnival activity and I ended up in the middle of the mountain, things that had a lot of time without passing me, so with some hard I took advantage and it was great.

Between walks, trees, colors, leaves and listening to nature was the symphony of this theme.


It is curious that the more we grow we become more analytical and limit ourselves to things we used to do without thinking ...


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I like your pics, especially the one with the scorpion! So awesome!

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