Koksi beetle part 2

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As explained in the previous post, the koksi beetle contains several characters about it from insectivorous to leaf-eating. But better known that he is an insect or a beetle to other insect predators even they also become cannibalism of his fellow.

This koksi beetle has a series of names pinned by experts about it such as,

A list of namesAccording to experts
1Koksi beetles
3Coccinella arcuata
4Harmonia octomaculata
5and several other names scientifically

This beautiful beetle has a beautiful and charming style so many people like it, maybe if its body has the size of a horn beetle everyone will adopt it as a pet. This is due to the charming colors such as striking red with black spots and sometimes black stripes with black blends in the same direction.

However, it is undeniable that behind the beauty of the body and wings, it turns out that the koksi beetle becomes a snapper predator who has always been an enemy of other insects, they are always predators of other insects such as,

  1. Small insect
  2. Every insect or pest in every plant.

Favorite foodKoksi beetles
1small leaf-sucking insects
8planthopper pests (Nilaparvata lugens)

All of the insects listed in the above table are the species most loved by koksi beetles. Why do they like it so much? Because the prey's body has a very smelly substance, and this scent will be sent down to the feet of the koksi beetle itself and the unpleasant odor is also used to prey on and protect itself from other predators.

Every insect that becomes an enemy of farmers will be tripped by this one beetle, so when they consume the body of the prey it will automatically get one tool or it will become a weapon to fool the enemy.

The weapon is a very smelly substance that is not liked by every other insect, and sometimes it is poisonous to animals of its kind. This koksi beetle has the intelligence to deceive enemies or predators who want to eat it. If the enemy does not work with the substance contained in his feet then he will do something in the form of pretending to die, by turning his body as if he was dead, then when the predator is off guard then he will immediately turn around and run away by flying towards other.

Then what is the farmer's view of him?

In every gardener or farmer, they really want the presence of koksi beetles. This happens, because so far, koksi beetles are known as environmentally friendly insects that are able to assist farmers in handling aphids, and other species that always damage the leaves so that their crops have been destroyed which is caused by every leaf-eating pests.

In an area precisely in the Aceh region, it is looking for ways to get the presence of koksi beetles to be in his garden for a reason that has been mentioned as mentioned above. But unfortunately their population is very small so it is rather difficult to bring them.

However, even though their population is very small, there are still some koksi beetles that are always present in every plant to kill other insect species as leaf eaters.


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