A plant that looks like colorful crisps - Lunaria annua (Annual honesty)

in ocd •  14 days ago  (edited)

Today I was walking by the garden and my attention was drawn to plants with thin oval petals in purple-green colors. They looked a bit like crisps ;)


After coming home, I checked what plant it was thanks to the plant recognition application - PlantNet. According to the app, this is Lunaria annua.

The Latin name lunaria means "moon-shaped" and refers to the shape and appearance of this species' silicles. The common name "honesty" arose in the 16th century, and may also relate to the translucence of its silicle membranes.[citation needed] In South East Asia, it is called the "money plant" and in the United States it is commonly known as "silver dollars", "Chinese money", or "Chinese coins" because its silicle membranes have the appearance of silvery coins. For the same reason, in French it is known as monnaie du pape ("Pope's money"). In Denmark it is known as judaspenge and in Dutch-speaking countries as judaspenning (both meaning "coins of Judas"), an allusion to the story of Judas Iscariot and the thirty pieces of silver he was paid for betraying Christ.
Source: Wikipedia


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