She was the Wicked with little Wild in her eyes

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She was the Wicked with little wild in her Eyes

The beautiful thing I bought myself and had used less was the macro lens for my smartphone. It takes you to a different world and different universe all together.

One small world is here today on #amazingnature and #nature. Those little eyes were wicked and the wild eyes would not be know without the macro lens.


Camera Used
Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone with prosumer macro lens and
Edited and cropped lightly on photoshop Express android app

Location: Harihar India on our terrace jasmine plant.


This is a little bigger one than the housefly with green body shine and red eyes. One good thing I loved was her attention to the camera lens 😁 Yes, she was not scared and she stayed on the same leaf for longer time so that I could click her photographs.

I was out ther to capture the jumping spider ( coming in next post ) and it was a lucky terrace shoot to find the colorful fly.

Some more photographs of her poses








This was the very first photograph of todays fly capture. I remembered what @foxkoit told me to be careful and move very slowly 😉 and that was a great advice. It helped me a lot in grabbing more attention and scaring away the fly



After all the close up macros, here is the regular normal smartphone click without the macro lens being used


So these were the eyes and the macros I was playing in the morning.

I would like to have one photograph from the above to be my entry for Appreciate beauty of nature with @phortun round 24 😊

Hope this post was a fun time for you all. Thanks for your time on the post. Enjoy your time.
Stay safe and stay happy with the nature.
Have a nice day 😊


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Thanks @@@steemflow and team 😊

You are welcome. 🙂

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Thanks a lot team 😊

It reminded me of makhi the inknow the power of s9...forcing me to buy a samsung too...

Exactly 😁 I was thinking the movie poster is an imaginary coloring of eyes. But this made me realise it's real and closer to reality.
I didnt trouble her. So no worries of revenge 😝

Do u check out if the makhi lady love is with you 😜

I believe the makhi was a lady ( no man would pose so well ) and I'm straight so no affair with a man 😝😝

Wow, nice shots! How awesome 👍

Thanks for stopping by and appreciating 😊👍

That fly is a professional model... 😮

😬😬 I'm her lucky photographer for the day 😬
Thanks a lot for curating the post 😊

Haha... you're most welcome! :)

wow Beautiful macro photograph my friend...

Thanks for stopping by friend 😊 appreciate it 👍

Flies are very different and strange. His eyes are like artificial.

Yes exactly the first reaction I had 😊 they look like some cool spectacles 😊


Thanks 😊

Beautiful :-)

Thanks a lot for stopping by and appreciating 😊

Really impressive photos! The details on the fly are phenomenal, specially the eyes. Wow! 🤗

Thanks sir 😊 im surprised too. The eyes 😊
Appreciate you taking a look at the photograph

this remind me a movie I have seen few years ago that is Makkhi

Yes bro, I have seen it too 😊 it's a good one

the graphics on that movies are mind blowing like this photographs of yours.

Thanks bro

Woo what incredible photos! I have a macro lens for my cell phone but it's a long way from taking a picture like yours! Could you tell me what kind of lens it is and could you share with me a picture of the lens please. Greetings!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking a look at them😊 I used prosumer macro lens and here is the picture


Woo! It's a huge lens, mine's like a little magnifying glass. Thanks for showing it to me. I'll see if I can find it for Amazon.

Oh yes I initially got the one you have, It didn't help me much for insects and the view area was very small. So tried this one. Always check reviews before buying. It helped me a lot 😊

Awesome pics....
Can you please share the lens details...

Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the photographs.
I used prosumer lens



The online site. The one I have is not listed now. Ther are some other lens.

What is the model no you are using and what was the cost?
Are you using a extension tube also?

No not an extension tube, it has the variable magnification. Here is the order copy with name and the cost


Thanks you sharing tge details

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Thanks a lot for choosing my post 😊