The Bee Building

in hive-156509 •  2 months ago 

Hi everyone, good morning! :)

Once again I'm posting in in the @onchainart community.
I will try again use the crossposting new feature of @steempeak because it seems it didn't work yesterday.
Today I have a work made like always in my mobile phone with Sony Sketch App for Android and fineshed in PicsArt App to give it a retro style.

The Bee Building


Thanks for following me and support my mobile artwork!

Steem On and let's keep together!

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I love this. Truly a busy bee. I'll have to check out that App, although I have no art skills, it looks like fun.

Yes, let's keep together.

:) thanks!
I guess better than skills is to have ideas, if you have an idea do it! try, repeat, insist, repeat and I think you will find your skills ;)

Well thank you. I have ideas in abundance. Now to find the skill :)