Cubes are Back

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Well it's a new semester and I'm back teaching the cube painting class. Some of you that have been around for a while are well acquainted with my cube paintings, but I'm sure these will be new to some peeps.

Basiacally in this class I'm teaching about painting different types of materials. This week was metal and I painted a rusty cube and a painted metal cube.



Here's a bit of the process.

There's a lot of Steem stuff I want to talk about, but I'll leave that for another post. For now enjoy the cubes! :D


Nice level of details.... What program are you using?

Thanks @dalz, it's painted in Photoshop.

It has a realistic touch and I must commend you. What software did you use to create this?

Thanks @marvel1206, these are painted in Photoshop.

Great! I just found this community the other day. I look forward to your lessons. There's always time to brush up on other techniques.

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