Imperfectly Perfect!

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She holds herself boldly and gently passes the impetus tides and waves of negativity with her head up facing the sky, She lives her life with pride and joy!

I made the sketch with charcoal pencil, white, grey and blue hues of pencil colors and a lot of blending. hope to improve more in future.

I certainly felt this while drawing the sketch. Now I realize why we learnt a phrase at school- "A picture speaks thousand words." Although I just described it in two sentences merely but ya it surely holds a deep meaning with different perspective.

One more thing I wonder that who invented the culture of covering genitals and upper body? during ancient times when we started with the leaves as clothing. Like somehow it's a shame in society and we can't go out without them covered. what if the person who made such rule could have made our arm instead of midd part of the body to be covered compulsory? How funny it would be that people are roaming around with their arms covered and rest naked :p. It's not like I want to wander naked, I live in a society afterall and not alone in jungle but still such facts bothers me.
What is your take on this?

text dividerr-01.jpg

Would love to engage in the comment section


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