“Been Around The World And I-Eye-Eye.. I Found The Best Spray Paint”

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Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to give Lisa Stansfield a big shout out for inspiring the title of this article. Alright, now that I got that part out of the way, I can get as far ahead of myself as necessary and do so completely guilt-free.

In between Greece and our current location, Italy, Pura and I spent 10 days in Israel—it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. A friend of mine from high school who was two years ahead of me joined the military shortly after he graduated. I remember when he returned home one time for a short visit, he told me how exciting it was to visit Israel, he said “when you walk on a street that Jesus walked on, you can feel it!” Ever since then, I’ve always had Israel on my radar—I finally checked that box.

While we were there, we visited the ancient port city of Jaffa, spent an entire day at West Bank in the State of Palestine which was an eye opening experience to say the least. We spent one day in Bethlehem and even got to walk through the Church of the Nativity—the church where Jesus was born. We stood on top of the Mount of Olives prior to entering Jerusalem’s Old City and quite a bit more. I took over 2,000 pictures with the GoPro I’ll be editing and formatting to share with you. Stay tuned—there’s a handful of Israel posts headed your way. An important mental note I suggest hanging onto should you or anyone you know make the trip to Israel—10 days isn’t enough time.

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I’m a big fan of original artwork, having tried my hand at several pencil portraits since joining this community. I appreciate #art and have high respect for personal expression conveyed through art as a natural talent and something unable to be taught—you either are or are not born with it. Whether it’s pencil, paint, photography, music, writing, etc, regardless of the medium or the canvas it’s captured on, it’s all equally impressive to me—street art is no exception.

That being said, the stunning @puravidaville is well aware of my interests and, seeing how she’s the one spearheading our stays during this travel #adventure, she booked our stay in the Florentin District of Tel Aviv. I’d never heard of it but she told me it’s world-renowned for street art and attracts some of the best artists in the world who add their personal flare to the city on a daily basis. Having seen a lot of street art during our travels and personally growing up in the Los Angeles area, I was quick to discredit the reviews we read online—I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

The biggest challenge I had with this article, even tougher than mapping out the sequence (the final four are particularly significant), was deciding on a cover image. You’re about to see 97 of some of the nicest, most interesting, message inspired and thought provoking street art I’ve seen. Out of the 97, I narrowed the cover image down to four and then finally two. One is an interesting quote the artist wrote next to a spray painted portrait of Cleopatra—the Queen of the Nile. The second is another queen, at least I think she’s a queen, though I don’t know who, but I couldn’t make the decision. As any half-intelligent married man reading this will agree, when in doubt, lean on your own Queen.

On that note, the hype section of this article is over and the best is yet to come. Sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the show—welcome to Tel Aviv, Israel.
All images - GoPro Hero 5 Black






































































































I love the posts you release for people with attention spans well over an ant. Keep up the interesting stimuli babe. Love your creativity!

And I love you.

At a mere 28 downvotes per article and never receiving autovotes from the whales who continue to vote the same content over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....

I kinda like this elephant attention span of followers with hearts the size of elephants community I’ve managed to gather—the view is great from here and I have the baddest wife on the whole got-dang platform.

I did it again, huh? Danget—I think I did that thing again where I say what I think without sugar coating it to appeal to the big wallets. “Oops!” Thank you for loving me back, @puravidaville.

Love always,
The Luckiest Guy I know.

Muah all over your face 💋😘💋😘💋😘💋😘

Hey look, you actually posted when I'm online! Ok, back up to the top to read...

I’m battin a thousand with you today! I sure am glad you didn’t miss this one, Plants. The WiFi here is such a headache I won’t admit how much time it took me to post this frikkin thing.

Dang I can only imagine getting up all those rad photos! That's some friggin' amazing art right there. Might have to peruse this one a few times to take it all in. I was sitting here thinking no way he found some more fruit and veggies, and didn't you just do it. Nice share my friend. Looking forward to seeing more of your Israel travels!

Thanks for keeping an eye on us, @plantstoplanks, you’re a shoe in for one of the coolest people we’ve never met. Happy Friday to you and DK.

Trying to get amped up to get a FFF post out, maybe he'll man the kitchen for dinner so I can crank this bad boy out...no promises, though. ;) But if I put the intention out on the blockchain then maybe I'll hold myself accountable, haha!

After those cups, a plate should be a.... well, a plate.

Perhaps I'll "bowl" you over this time...


97 cool pics of street-art.
I've seen lots of Steemians here who would have made/squeezed out 97 posts, just to get (rape) more reward out of it.

Respect U didn't. The least I can do is give my well deserved max upvote and a resteem.

Spoken like a dude who speaks my language—thank you for noticing @smasssh. For what it’s worth, our WiFi is worse that poo right now and I refuse to admit just how long it took me to post this frikkin thing!

Thank you kindly for the resteem and the generous vote, and thanks a lot for keeping an eye on us. I’m glad you liked this one. Have a great weekend, smasssh.

Right on, some of these murals are beautiful and very different then many of the others you have shared with us in the past.
Good choice on the cover image. I wonder how long this one took the artist to do.
When you say creating art like this is natural, and you either have it or you don't, you are so right. I'm sure any skill can be built upon, but there needs to be some innate ability to begin with.

A visit to the West Bank had to be an eye opener.
You hear so much about this small strip of land and all of the claims to it.
So much blood has been shed in this region, and still there has been no real resolution about ownership.
For Israel and all of the citizens of this tiny state to constantly be under fire, and surrounded by people with hatred in their hearts for their mere existence, has to occupy so much of their state of being.
Without big brother having their back, they couldn't survive.

My favorite picture of them all is the one with the little girl pointing to the sky. She jumps off the mural as if she is alive, and pointing to the heavens with so much purpose.

Really enjoyed looking at all of the art work, several times.

Thanks @dandays for sharing these images from another part of the world!

Stay safe my friend!

My man! You know I love it when Sweed drops me a line, your emotion comes through in your text, it’s unique and not seen often, yours is consistent. Happy Wednesday, sir, thank you for resteeming this one, I really appreciate that.

About being born with it or not. Hey man, did you know these artists have the big gallon ziplock bags full of tips? I’ve watched them work before, I had no idea. 100 tips or more dude. One sprays, one splatters, one is a vertical line, a horizontal line, solid circle, etc—“100” of them! That, in itself, is an art.. they just look at them and know what they do so they’re switching tips faster than they’re spraying.

Yes—West Bank! Oh man, that’s a whole post itself, our current location has me going in so many directions, I might just save the remaining GoPro transfers for when we get to UK—we’ll see.. (if I can manage to wait that long) dude... West Bank. Man! I’d already have done it if our WiFi wasn’t worse than poor. Worst connection we’ve had since beginning this adventure—frustrating. I’ll never admit how long it took me to upload those images my brother, the generous upvotes and the resteems sure do acknowledge my efforts and I’m super appreciative.

That’s so cool you pointed out the little girl, Sweed, only someone who paid attention would’ve noticed her.

My pleasure, @thebigsweed, thank you for keeping an eye on us—appreciation like this is all the motivation I need. 👍🏿

Had to laugh at myself after reading the first few lines @dandays.
When you stated that they have a hundred tips in a bag, a couple of things ran through my head real quick. So that's how they make their money. I wonder what a 100 tips would add up to, I guess that that would depend on how much each tip was.
After reading the remainder of that second parasgraph, I quickly realized what you meant by tips. 😁😁

Downloading pictures is always a very time consuming procedure.
With most of the pics I put into a post, I like to make some adjustments to the clarity, light, and color of the picture before adding it to a post.
I would guess that over 50% of the time it takes to put together a post is spent on the pictures.
I also spend a considerable amount of time checking spellen, . , : ; ? ' " , and gramher.😁😁

Keep them coming my friend.

I read your post on your take of all of the different people you met. Great post, and when I shared what I read with @farm-mom, we sat around for over an hour talking about things like 6 months of work and 6 months off, (Hungary)
Everyone is obligated to serve in the military, (Syria) Qusay keys to his home,
Tamar and his invitation to his home, (Palestine), and so much more.
Great post, which stimulated so much conversation between the wife and I.
Reply coming on I'LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT.

What a dapper duo! 👀 300 posts later and it seems like you're just getting you're mojo on.

Stay safe my friends. 👍

I had a few comments, sir, your wife’s included and as soon as I saw two from you, I was “yes!” And I saved them for last. I can’t wait to read the next one!

I’m not sure how you continue to one-up yourself but I probably sound like a broken record by now—I really appreciate your responses, sir—thank you.

Spelling/grammar—doooood.. The thing that fires me up the most about that, I’m an OCD having fool, right, I can file the same dart tip (totally different tip than a paint can, the kind that sticks to a dart board) for what seems like forever and always need to make adjustments, they’re never perfect—just the kinda dude I am. Hence I don’t draw too many portraits because even after they’re released, they never were finished (I hope that makes sense). So when I spend who knows how long on an article adjusting, correcting, trimming, editing, just as I’ll do with this response, it really fires me up when Pura is like “you missed an apostrophe.” ‘Ahhhhhhh!!’

Back to the second paragraph in this response, coolest thing I’ve read all day man, I mean it. I never thought about someone taking about what I’ve learned and shared at their own dinner table—that’s so inspiring! That means there’s a chance that maybe you’re not the only one and there’s more than two couples that are really taking a deeper look at things. Thanks for sharing that with me, Sweed, I’m really glad you did.

Ok, I’m going to your response on that one now. Response number two—coming up! Your responses are like Christmas to me all the time.

...Keep them coming my friend.


...seems like you’re just getting your mojo on.

This is exactly what I mean by you one-upping your own comments—that sure is a neat quality you got there.

for you

Thanks for keeping up with me @eii!


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and @choogirl and the brains behind the map @martibis ^_^

97 is hellava imges. I agree with not splitting them to milk the reward pool, but you could have chosen like your best best 10 - 15. 97 images takes an awful long time to load particularly if you're internet is slow. Its also like writing a very very very very long post and expect people to read it. Most people's attention span won't be that long especially when you have a lot on your feed to go through. But this is just my personal opinion 😃

Wait a minute? You mean you have an opinion and we’re not all programmed the same?? Who is this and what have you done with @livinguktaiwan?! 😉

I narrowed my images down per city, I have quite a bit more to come from other parts of Israel, this is just how many shots I got in Florentin. Thanks for keeping an eye on me man, I hope you didn’t fall asleep. Enjoy your weekend, sir.

@choogirl @martibis—thank you for the clarification.

Sir, you are great. I have not seen such quality content in Steemit for a long time. Thank you

I really appreciate that, @ython, my pleasure! Just as you appreciate my content, it’s been about the same amount of time since I’ve received such an endearing compliment. I appreciate the follow—thanks for keeping an eye on me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ython.

Great, fantastic. I like all of them. Thanks

You're most welcome, @avare, my pleasure! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thanks @dandays, Have a nice Sunday :)

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@livinguktaiwan. Thank you! It’s nice to know all of that time I spent with less than poor, not par but poor, internet attaching all of those photos is appreciated. Plenty more to come.

Good content, sir, I like all of them. Thanks for sharing. ;)

My pleasure, @electrotechnic. I’m glad you liked this one—there’s more from Israel to come. I appreciate you dropping me a line, sir, thank you.

Waoow These are great, they are all artworks :)

I’m really glad you appreciate this post, @tlin—I really worked my you know what off getting everything posted with a less than poor connection. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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@rem-steem. THANK YOU <— bigger than that. I really appreciate it, chef.

My pleasure! 😊😊

The street art is amazing, magical and admirable. Really enjoyed your post.

Not as much as I enjoyed this response. Sure is nice to know you’re keeping an eye on us @puravidaville’s mom. Plenty more to come, stop by any time—pleasure to have you watch.

This is awesome! Man, I love street art. Thanks for posting these.

My pleasure, @summertooth. There’s more to come. I have a bunch of pictures of the paint on the West Bank wall and we stopped for tea (yeah, yeah.. we don’t drink 😉) at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel—I snapped a picture of everything inside. This one was just Florentin. I’m looking forward to posting all of it.

I’m glad you appreciated this one—thank you.



@annzhao 所长 迎着飓风 带着娃 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



It’s a tie! 平局!再来!下回我再出拳头!

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Thank you, @beerlover. Cheers!