The path to fluency "

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I'll use the immersion method to acquire the English language, once time than the secret to achieving fluency is a lot input, at first you absorb the content and then be able to use what you have learned.


Said that, here is my schedule: 70% Of my time i will consume a lot audio content, once than the listen is very important to train my ears... So the rest of time i do the reading of mini stories, maybe with audio.

I know that will take some time to reach the fluency, it's not like i able to reach in three months... So then as i'm here in steemit, i'll take that opportunity to train writing skills too, two birds with a shoot... Maybe i'll make a lot mistakes with grammer rules, but the path to acquire a language is same for all folks.

In past i've tried regular approach, you know, textbooks... thats boring things. But don't work for me after all, i think the textbooks approach not work for average joe.

Now it will be different, i saw a lot polyglot in youtube using the immersion method to acquire language, if it work for them, maybe work for me as well. Wish me luck guys and thank you for stay here!


Knowledge is power !

Knowing a new place, breaking the routine, changing habits, thinking differently, studying something different from the usual ... is something that we have to crave daily, and every day is an opportunity to learn.

Of course, some things will not make you want to learn, maybe it is not something you want so much, but one thing is certain, no one, no one will be able to steal the knowledge you have acquired and you will not be able to consume it, remember that.

The way to acquire knowledge is arduous, nothing comes for free, it is necessary to dedicate, study and get involved with body and soul and then put into practice all acquired knowledge.

Knowledge is the best weapon we can have, it costs nothing to escape from sameness and learn something new!

To finish…

In addition to developing methods that contribute to my studies, I was able to observe that I need to know how my brain works and this will certainly help me find the best way to make it effective, as I will know my limits and will know how far I should go.

Running after the possibility ...


See you later 🙂 😉 ...


Good luck on obtaining fluency. It sounds like you're going the right direction though.
I found your post thanks to @trincowski who featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!

Thank you !

Nice post! I think that's a great idea to improve your English skills.

I think you should get more rewarded for this, so I featured you in My entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 95.

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Thanks !

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