Crypto-Pirates: The evolution of the Scene

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Who likes me more when I drop anonymous crypto that you seem to be able to sell and make money with and it was relatively free..



Razor was a supply group on diskette from 1992 until diskettes were abandoned for CD-ROMs. Throughout the 1990s Razor faced competition from many different groups, ranging from groups such as Tristar & Red Sector inc. (TRSi), International Network of Crackers (INC), The Dream Team (TDT) and Fairlight (FLT) in 1994 to Prestige, Hybrid (HBD), and others in 1995. Razor was revitalized by new members gained from another group, Nexus, who brought with them some UK suppliers and the leaders The Speed Racer (TSR), Hot Tuna and The Gecko. Razor had a handful of others throughout the 1990s, such as Zodact, The Renegade Chemist (TRC), The WiTcH KiNG, Butcher, SwiTch, Marauder, and Randall Flagg.

In 1995 diskette releases were rapidly being supplanted by CD-ROMs, and Razor 1911 moved into the CD-ripping scene. The crew that led Razor into this new chapter included members such as TSR, Pharaoh, Fatal Error, GRIZZLY, Suspicious Image, Third Son, Hot Tuna, Beowulf, Pitbull, Bunter, Manhunter, Niteman, Vitas, Mausioso and The Punisher.

Razor once again took on a new challenge when the ISO scene was formed. Razor 1911 began to release ISOs when they became the standard of the day, led most significantly by The Punisher. He was instrumental in Razor's recovery and its solid performance in the ISO scene. Following The Punisher's retirement, Razor was led by various different people and underwent some internal problems in the form of leadership challenges. This was solved when Pitbull, an old Razor member from the 1990s, took over the leadership role. The FBI claimed him to still be the leader of Razor at the time when "Operation Buccaneer", an international anti-piracy operation which led to raids at the homes of over 60 piracy suspects worldwide in 2001, was carried out even though NFOs and scene activity at the time points out The Renegade Chemist as actual leader of the group.


In short; the demoscene is a large and independant group of people from all over the world who enjoy creating small computer programs that display dazzling graphics and music in real-time (read: "a demo"). Sometimes these people make smaller groups and compete against each other at gatherings held all through the year (read: "demo parties").

You can read more about the demoscene at the

Art, warez.. still continues. MIRC AND Torrent sites are still very active and have their own tokens!


Although getting it for free maybe easy and fun we still need production. Tokens or fiat is important to keep the movement going. Perhaps the electronic element of capitalism isn't so far off how AI is going. When supplying for free there is always a disclaimer to support artists. This is true. I buy much of my media; unless it's on youtube ;).





But maybe it's the happy medium


Or Amalgamation and maturity. I'll admit I view getting pirated software as easy and fast and enjoyable. However, you come to a point in your life when you realize shit costs money. If you ain't getting paid you ain't getting shit produced.


It's an interesting concept, one banned by most every government; local competing currencies. Blockchain is a revolution because at this moment (and who knows how really long) a competing currency can last.

The state of technology and blockchain is in it's infancy. As a species that depends on it's community to survive is much like a blockchain. It's also a tool for government. A tokens ideaology and worth is what makes something valuable. Perception is key, and no matter how much we hate it; gold is the standard



Bringing back to the present. I pay for all of my video games. I understand you cannot fund movements without profitable businesses. We can pirate all the shit we want. That will not generate ingenuity . We have to pay for it; or at the very least put our perceived faith into.

Bit torrent tokens, BTCMYK tokkens, Neoxian, Steemleo..

They are names with charts.. but also personalities. The winner will work within natural rules of the planet. Things can be manipulated, but order must come out of chaos. So I drop annonymous crypto made out of \digital fluff'. Someone gives it power or money or status and BOOM it's money and power. It must be exchangeable of course, but it's still there.

How long before this is brought to the underground; or does it give power to the people and stay out for good.

Enjoy my drops...BTCMYK is a universal income because it's made out of nothing and given perception and free market (at least until whales get involved).

Enjoy BTC drops if you comment on this blog.

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