Retaining Value? It's a gamble when blogging.

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STEEM as a stable coin. YAY!

I'm sure that is comforting to those who invested 3-10 x when it's sitting at a 'stable' value of 0.13-0.15 cents.

Some weird things always circulate on Discord. Rumors, conspiracy theories. One I recenlty heard is that dAPP developers want the current price of STEEM to stay cheap. This is so that 'they' (dAPP Owners) can efficiently and cheaply run their blockchain project.

Great game, but perhaps a VERY poor choice in choosing an efficient and cheap blockchain. Perhaps the choice of blockchain was more a matter of 'appeal' and reach. Ethereum has major scaling issues and it's expensive to run transactions.

So why did they choose such a blockchain? Why ignore something like STEEM with free fee's? Is it all perception?


Does my wonderful Stew meal that my wife made me deserve anyone's attention? Sure I can include a recipe.. but it's not like that's not anywhere on the internet.


I bought her some orchids. One ice-cube a week. Does that really deserve attention?


A gold bottle of cheaper scotch. Really? Doing anything?


So here I am. Drinking the crappy de-caff that's available in the office. Was this a high quality post? Does it even matter? I am making more STEEM then ever; yet the price remains 'stable'. Are we a currency? Are we a utility dAPP chain? After three years you would think the perception and direction of this block chain would be defined. Perhaps it's the diversity and natural evolution or de-evolution which will define us.

In any case, sometimes it's just about what your first picture of your post looks like. Perception is everything. The best books will be ignored if it's a crappy cover.

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Random. But still worthy of my 100%

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!tip of the day..

Use that Gods Unchained as the first pic.. you know the whole cover thing.. 🤣

Yes! I was going to do that but I think I got more attention with a computer screen and a mug of coffee.

Unfortunately the world judges the book by the cover. I'm not into frilly stuff so, yeah if the cover doesn't appeal to me I may put it back on the shelf, if I even picked it up to begin with.

Already got a killer recipe for beef stew, and BTW, I pick my Historical Romance paperback novels based on the abs of the hero on the cover. Maybe the flowing mane of hair would be the next criteria, then the blurb on the back. 😏😮

@ bearbear613 hello dear friend, happy that things have improved in terms of compensation for you, and it is true a portal image is very important, secondly the title and content must be consistent with all the rest.
I wish you a great day

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