Surfing towards a wave which could crash on-top of me.

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                                                    Well would you looky here!

Yah it's been a while. I was talking to someone about selling perhaps at 0.25, but now I have changed my mind. I think this puppy has a little more ways to go.

Not financial advice.


It's pretty cool as well because BTC is down 2% as well many other alt's are in the RED. So I'm guess I'm a little greedy because it's like going against current, or the wave will roll-back onto you as you were surfing towards it.

So definitely not financial advice. Perhaps caution is needed for a quick pullback. Going against your mind and using your gut is tough. So I'm not erring on the side of caution.

Not financial advice.


Steem and SteemLeo can move higher, the move could be based on momentum, as we are looking at a double, from the lows under 12 cents.

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I always get the rollingthunder vote! I there's some great momentum!

HODL HODL HODL!!!!!!! This is not financial advice.

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HODLing is conservative advice! Have a great weekend sir.

I wouldn't take out more than 100 steem anyway, so why stop at $25 bucks?

Def not power down prices.

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At least feeling cautiously optimistic for once. 🤞

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Good to hear. We need boosts sometimes to increase morale

Do not sell.
This is financial advice, hehe.

I am not selling sir!

No more garage sale blue light specials on Steem LOL Thanks @bearbear613

This is true.. it will be harder to make more Steem!

Howdy I'll take non-financial advice from you anyday sirbearbear. This is encouraging. Maybe all our waiting and seeing for two years will finally pay off.

I think you will be happy Mr Janton. A lot of this is BS but there's some bullish info coming out.

Very good sirbearbear. I follow Bitcoin but not the altcoins and never have a clue about Steem!

Bearbear I don't even think about the price of steem anymore! lol Sure it's going to got to many dollars per coin one day!

Ive been scurrying along with tiny payouts for a long long time. So I'm just waiting when the top will be. Are you a little more bullish? Or same old.. same old.

I’m more bullish now since alt season seems to be upon us finally!

and now TRON is in the mix.. I mean WTF.