A misconception of money

in #palnetlast year

Money is something everyone wants to have and honestly without it life becomes harder to survive.

There are several misconceptions people have about money namely that money brings happiness,love and security.It can buy happiness which is in the form of material things,it can buy you the attention of beautiful ladies or men but can never really buy love.

It can buy you the most advanced security system in the world but can't buy you peace of mind. Money makes people fearless and blind them to thinking they can have everything

Lack of money reveals who your true friends are to you as they are the people who will stick to you through thick and thin.The rest are just there to parasite on you when you are successful,they move on when there is nothing to gain from being around you.

Another misconception is that money changes people which in my own opinion is false. Money only reveals your true personality just like a mirror reveals your likeness.


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