Free writing 5 minutes !!!

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Hi there to all my hive user.

I am trying to be here will the lovely peoples, but the more you attache to the peoples the more you will enjoy here and the more you want to stay here.

I was not a social type to of person but now I want to be the one who loves to be with others,
I want to be here will all the lovely an helpful peoples here.

this post is kind of meaning less to me and of course to you but I am still gonna make this,



This is just a post to be regular here as I am here now from past few month but still I need more more and more.

This is human nature the more the more you get the more you will need.

we will never satisfy, now matter how much we have I was nothing here 1 year but many things have changed here.

times up this is it my 5 minutes are complete.

Thanks a lot for being here.


Please I need your help, am new here and I don't really know how to start and associate with others

Hi there @eberechi I have seen your profile. Just be here and make good content .
Join discord channel's.
Let me know if you need anything else, I am always here.

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Ok thanks , happy that am here