Reddit Tip Jar Shuts Down Does This Mean Room ?

in palnet •  4 months ago 

Reddit is a very popular community platform that gains a lot of exposure but also a lot of support in terms of tipping.

It seems however TipJar was just not working out anymore and has shut down.

This now opens a void and one I think BAT could easily take over.

At the moment BAT currently supports tipping on verified websites, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit and GitHub.

Reddit being one of the new ones.

With a little push and effort BAT could easily become the tipping system on Reddit and with more and more people downloading and using BAT it is clear growth and demand are there.

I guess my next question to BAT would be when will Mixer be supported lol

As of writing this BAT is currently just shy of $0.21 each. With an all time high price point of about $0.80 when the system was not even live yet! The current usage and trend of BAT is up in a major way and you can see this in the coinmarketcap graph below.


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I think that’s a good idea. I wonder if Steemit could move into this space through one of the Steem Engine Tokens, are any of them used for tipping now?

I mean they could but I don't see it happening its kind of a shit show around here lol

I have to agree with you on this one, @bitcoinflood

I've been looking at BAT ever since they started paying for Ads (too bad my country is not yet supported). I've also recently started buying small amounts of BAT and adding to my stable long-term dollar cost average buys.

Now I've noticed you can also withdraw the BAT you receive from Ads however Uphold, the wallet they use does require KYC, which I'm not going to partake in anytime soon :)

Still... seeing a lot of potential for BAT - the team is great, browser is amazing and gaining huge adoption, and with integration on social platforms I can only see good things coming for BAT in the future!

The KYC stuff is a pain but I figured as much I would have to do it because of taxes. Just glad I have been keeping track and not trading like mad otherwise I would have books of paperwork to do each year lol

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