Day-By-Day Hive Measurement - Thu, 02 Jul 2020

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Wasps on a honeycomb (Wikimedia)

[This article is produced mechanically by witness @puncakbukit.]

Established on the latter 7 days blockchain's input (some 45389 articles/4529 posters and 109604 comments/3435 posters), we extracted some score of Hive actions as below.


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Discussions that are chosen by most hivers.

#TopHivers Initiative
The Hive Engagement League
LMAC #42 - The Final Poll! Vote for your favorite entries and help decide who the winners will be! [92 HIVE to be awarded]

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Finally, a clear opportunity to get em out for Hive. 04B9AA7E66
!hw ban Permanent ban with no chance of appeal. This user is b
@@ -111,17 +111,20 @@ .jpg)%0A%0AI -s see your ti

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palnetThe Hive Engagement League
neoxianThe Hive Engagement League
hive#TopHivers Initiative


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cardSplinterlands Weekly Curation Challange! Share your posts! Earn Upvotes!
andoidMy Actifit Report Card: June 28 2020
actifit15k power and three years later

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hiveFinally, a clear opportunity to get em out for Hive. 04B9AA7E66
workIt's interesting how we on the Hive think in the similar one in
projectHi there! I've sent the 38.560 HIVE for 8 Shares and the minnows


Prolific Authors

Users that are active.

@utopiaeducatorsThe Albany Plan of Union
@stortebekerMurals of the Angels - An Electrified Hummingbird

Active Commenters

Users that are productive.

@galenkpLol, you need to put a gap between the number. !ENGAGE 15
@papilloncharitySo amazing, the day my son got married and left thec house was t
@dswigleI am very fortunate that I have spent the last two years cruisin

Thriving Communities

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GEMSMy introductory post: Meet the ARTISTIC DENTIST
ActifitMy Actifit Report Card: June 28 2020
OCDBlank canvas


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Rare Posts
Red roses during the covid pandemic 19
like a star
Rare Comments
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[{"ts":1593144416415,"logId":"PAM event","eventName":"onServerT
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Popular Guesses

Discussions that may be supported by most people in the future.

Guessed Posts
Your Monthly Hive Report - June 2020
Crypto Contest July 2: Swipe
Crypto Contest July 1: OneLedger

[This article is produced mechanically by witness @puncakbukit.]

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