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Western honey bees on artificial honeycomb. (Wikimedia)

[This write-up is written mechanically by witness @puncakbukit.]

Put together from the recent one week blockchain's posts (roughly 41967 articles/4707 writers and 106839 replies/3521 writers), we developed some score of Hive works as below.


Popular Posts

Discussions that are suggested by many hivers.

How I'm Handling My Mom's Declining Health
Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 42 [Dynamic prize pool with 50+ HIVE]
#TopHivers Initiative

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Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this @arcange and also to @brittandjo
You can feel free to make me an offer. I will remind you of 2 t
Finally, a clear opportunity to get em out for Hive. 04B9AA7E66

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palnetThe Hive Engagement League
neoxianThe Hive Engagement League
hive#TopHivers Initiative


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andoidMy Actifit Report Card: June 24 2020
cardMore New Reward Cards Revealed!
actifit15k power and three years later

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hiveYou can feel free to make me an offer. I will remind you of 2 t
workIt's interesting how we on the Hive think in the similar one in
projectYou can feel free to make me an offer. I will remind you of 2 t


Prolific Authors

Authors that are productive.

@stortebekerMexican Murals - Welcome to the New Normal
@stephie.spicerWhat Have I Been Up To?
@utopiaeducatorsThe Albany Plan of Union

Active Commenters

Hivers that are active.

@galenkp@@ -94,8 +94,164 @@ though. +%0A%0AAnd yes, small margines ma
@papilloncharitySome day I will tell you about the unreal changes in my Life Ash
@melinda010100Excellent choices for the winners! My nearest ocean is 4000+ mi

Thriving Communities

Groups that are prospering.

GEMSLooking Back And Forward || #5yearsPhotochallenge
ActifitMy Actifit Report Card: June 24 2020
OCDG-dog's weekend-engagement topic week 3: WHAT IS IT - Wrong answers only [Win hive]


Rare Findings

Discussions that may be refreshing.

Rare Posts
I, We, and the Supreme Love
Selenna smile
In the end you will choose me
Rare Comments
[{"ts":1593107629468,"logId":"~~GAME event","eventName":"balan
[{"ts":1593107629468,"logId":"~~GAME event","eventName":"balan
[{"ts":1593107629468,"logId":"GAME event","eventName":"balanceC


Popular Guesses

Discussions that may be commented by most people in the future.

Guessed Posts
Crypto Contest June 28: Dapp Token
Crypto Contest June 29: Molecular Future
The Hive Engagement League

[This write-up is written mechanically by witness @puncakbukit.]

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