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RE: How I see being a newcomer / low account on Steem

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That's a very positive look on the recent HF. Many do not share the same thoughts as you. I personally think that the longer term effects from these changes are hard to predict. It is all hinging on whether there will be sufficient manual curation after all these changes

That's why I applaud your call for more manual curation


I will admit that I was a die-hard opponent of the HF21, however, I've begun to think differently when I reflected on how things works now. And on I could grow my audience.

I am perfectly fine with saying white in Day 1 and black in Day 2 when there is sufficient reasons, and enough doubt about the white and black of a given subject. It's why despite all the ill I've thought and said about HF21, I've decided to take another look, and see things from another angle.

All those reflections led me to the post above, where I've remembered what is the problem of newcomers, and how to make up for them, and what the HF21 can bring on the table. Finally finding the above-mentionned points, I decided to honestly post what I think!

What's your own point of view about it?

I think that the changes will be overall beneficial to the entire platform if we have enough manual curation. However, I think as it stands right now, we really don't have enough active users to generate sufficient manual curation.

Hopefully, as what you have mentioned, low SP users can start to engage in more manual curation since the curation reward is now higher. But, given that these users have low SP, the rewards might be negligible. And in order to get more rewards, these users might want to vote for bigger users since their posts are likely able to generate more rewards. Thereby skewing the "wealth gap" even further on this platform

Overall I think there are too many moving parts. The convergent linear reward curve could have been introduced later on to reduce the uncertainty for this change. For now, I really don't have a good sense of what might happen in the longer term. I'm hoping for the best, but always prepared for the worst