Yard sale yesterday! - 8/9/20

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Yesterday was fun once again. Still depressed at times but my family is really helping me stay busy and distracted.

We had a pretty successful yard sale. The family sold a bunch of stuff, and I sold three cards and two Dallas Cowboys glass cups. My sister was selling food like cookies and hot dogs and potato chips and bottles of water.

It was a really fun time spent with the family and neighborhood. Our block was definitely the most busy block from what I was hearing from customers.

Like I said yesterday, there should be more people into these type of things.

I also sold a card yesterday and it's ready to go for tomorrow. I received a bid today for yet another card. I'm really excited by my progress. I need to probably buy more cards sooner rather than later just to have more supply. I haven't really sold a whole bunch, but at the pace I'm going I want to be prepared.

I want to write a post soon about my cards I've sold, but that's a post for another day.

Life's really been a blur lately. But tomorrow is a new day. I'm just really mentally exhausted. Thank god I have my son, my family, and Hive. I have other things too, but yeah.

Hive on everyone.


Glad to hear man. Keep it up!!

Thanks bro. You've been a really good pal over the past few weeks or months, whatever it's been haha. I really appreciate your kindness and positivity!

You got it brother. Slow and steady. I hope we start seeing some more card posts in the future.

Thanks man,trying my best. Yes hopefully some card posts very soon!

Nice bros!
It's good to stay busy and it sounds like this is a good thing to do that.
I don't know anything about cards but stick with it. :)

Thanks man I'm trying to stay consistent!