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Creating two tokens: Future Media Vision Investment & Future Media Vision Consumers

Hello everyone!
So as the title above indicate, I am going to create a token: Future Media Vision.

About the token

The FMVI token's sale will allow me to develop this project faster, and to make more decisive advances in the overall project. I will do a monthly buyback of the token, of 20% of the monthly benefit from FWV's website & the other projects related to Future Media Vision.

As for the FMVC token, it will be what's distributed either by purchase through the Steem Engine, or distributed upon purchase through cash, allowing Future Media Vision to keep track of the services purchases, good purchases, game license purchase, and so on.

Future Writer Vision's website

It's a webnovel website, where people can post their novels & webnovels, it will be steem's version of this and will generate an income in two ways: upvotes on the webnovels chapters & incomes from flat purchases of novels, services, and premium membership.

This website will allow authors to create an index of books, and book index of the chapter, allowing the author to even further sort his story in volumes, thus allowing the people to read comfortably from chapter 1 to the last chapter without having to search the whole blog of the author. Also, at later stage will integrate patreon & paypal too, allowing one to purchase services & such with both fiat &/or steem.

Authors that have a completed novel, or met the 30 chapters/month (in case of webnovels which can get thousands of chapters (a chapter daily is the bare minimum for these novels) will be reviewed manually, and be paid a per/word flat price for their novel if it meets the standard of Future Writer Vision's quality requirements, allowing authors to get a stable income from their writing if they are of quality.

Also, editors will also be able to submit edits for the stories, as to improve the quality, making the novels on the website of much greater quality overall. Their work will also be paid on a per edit way.

Lastly, and not the least important, illustrators will be able to submit a cover for books, which can get approved/disapproved by the author. In case of approval, the illustrator will be paid a flat price for his

A shop will be available for those who wish to have to have the paperback version, a premium membership, or buy goodies from a story (mug, t-shirt, etc). Different services might also be available, but those won't be there before a while.

To remedy to the steem blockchain's problem of several weeks needed to get an account, a temporary account, held on our servers will be created until the user receive the steem's key, which he'll then be able to bind to his account. Until a steem account is linked, when the user votes, it will be recorded, and later use the person's account to vote for the author's latest post & comments, until the votes he had first imparted are all dispatched.

For those who will choose to pay to get an account immediately, the added value will be a 1-month premium membership, thus giving a real reason to pay to create the account, and circumvent the usual trouble.

Also, an account will be created to counter downvotes, as to avoid authors to be dispirited by mean-intentioned downvotes and such. This bot will add any downvoted post to a queue, and submit it for human review. If the downvote is decided as abusive, it will be countered by that account, as to avoid the bot-bullying or ill-intended downvotes.

Future Gamer Vision: FoaK

FoaK, or Fairytale of a Kingdom, will be the first game that we'll publish. Just like Future Writer Vision's website, this game will aim to integrate with steem blockchain, PayPal, and a few other methods of payments on a seamless way, so that the use of blockchain is totally transparent to the user.

A gamer should focus on gaming, not on the technology used for him to play.

The first released part will be a mobile & browser game, which will take the form of a gatcha, and will be a companion to the main game, which we intend to release on steam & different consoles platforms.

I am not disclosing much of this at that time, as this is still an early-stage project, for which I'll do more specific updates in the future.

Steem's place in the project

First and foremost, all of our products will in one way or another cope with the main problems we believe that steem has: the impossibility of getting a free account instantly, and the price of an instant account, as well as the downvote-bullying. We won't blindly counter downvotes through, but we'll make sure that it's under control, and not simply at the hands of people at whim's call.

Then our use of steem will be transparent for the user, this means that while we'll communicate about steem, for our users, it won't be more complicated than any standard application/game/website elsewhere. Both for the application and for the website, we'll also find a way to help the user around the key management.

This, of course, will mean a tradeoff between security and usability, but rather than force the user into a negative feeling of over-security, we'll propose an alternative which encompasses several different means, including, but not limited to, a card which they can flash before their webcam so that it q-code will unlock the app/account, or a standard user/password, as well as the 2FA, allowing people to avoid feeling like steem is over-complicated / over-secure for the use they have of it.

While our users are definitely not unconcerned about security, their primary concern is usability, so these tradeoffs are definitely not something they care to know more about. If a safe is so complicated that the owner might never be able to get back what he put in it, too few people will be willing to use that safe for it to be rentable, that's the point of view we're in for this operation.

These projects, therefore, will both get people into steem in a greater scale way, and push them to post on this medium.


Because in-game we're specifically going to offer goodies to people who make good content, and promote the social media use, making them use it, not forcibly to get money but to publish good content, to socialize with other gamers, etc. And in the case of Future Writer Vision, the content of the books will be posted on steemit, allowing good quality novels to be published through steem.

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Good morning @djennyfloro

Are you planning to launch your tokens on SE or would you rather wait till SMT will roll-out?

I will do a monthly buyback of the token, of 20% of the monthly benefit from FWV's website & the other projects related to Future Media Vision.

I already like that idea. It really does seem that you've a large plans for quite a large project.

upvotes on the webnovels chapters & incomes from flat purchases of novels, services, and premium membership.

Does it mean that publications on your website will be "stored" on steem blockchain, and all steem users would have a chance to upvote them? I'm trying to figure out what's your vision and I'm having little difficult time to see the bigger picture.

A shop will be available for those who wish to have to have the paperback version, a premium membership, or buy goodies from a story

And now it does look like you're trying to build some sort of marketplace. I'm really kind of lost here :(

Anyway, great read. Upvote on the way :) Catch!
Yours, Piotr

I will roll them on steem-engine, for it offers great tools, and there's a team you can contact in case something goes out the window of predictable. As for the rest, it seems like you are differentiating everything, when in fact it's a whole.

What does the author need?

  • See how popular his novel is, get comments & interact with readers,
  • Sell copies of his books, freebies related to his books, and sell goodies related to his book,
  • A cover artist, a proofreader, beta-readers, and an editor.

What do I provide? A webnovel platform, running on steem indeed, so the people on steem can upvote the chapters they like) which has build-in features necessary for all kind and type of authors,

This platform features:

  • a reading space for readers, and a place for an author to receive comments,
  • selling space for authors, where they can put their paper version of the book, but also goodies for sell, as to make more out of the books on the platform, also those items serves well for promotion,
  • a cooperative space to get the necessary illustrations, translation, beta-reading, etc.

Basically, it's an all-comprising platform dedicated to people who read/write novels, webnovel, poetry, theater plays, etc. It's all centered around the authors, hence Future Writer Vision, as it allows to make a career out of writing.

People come to read, but when the book/author has a fan base, he needs to cater to this fanbase, and tend to their needs, organizes seances, and so on. So while the website will focus on the author/reader relationship, it will give tools so that this relationship can be kept, and the author can augment/create his fanbase better.

That also includes a tool to warn readers of new chapters, new freebies givens, new goodies put for sales, and so on.

The novels, comment, etc run on steem, thus are decentralized, the shop & other parts that would only bloat the blockchain will useless information, will be on our server. Of course, all of this will be either paid in steem or in tokens, but we'll open also some direct fiat canals for those who don't have easy access to steems or tokens.

My vision of the platform is global, it sees the job of an author as a whole and mutualizes the base readership/fanbase of each author so that every author will add value to the whole platform, benefitting each of his kins, as those who like a genre will likely like books of other authors in the same genre. As a result, on the website, you can read all kind of writings, even essays, posted by authors, and you can put in favorite a given author, allowing you to access a space where the author can have a privileged relationship with its readership.

Clustering the novel, sale space, and fan-caring space into different platforms isn't pertinent when all of this is clearly linked and should be accessed in a few clicks on the same place.

@djennyfloro, Can we put Poetry Pieces for sale once this platform is launched?

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Dear @chireerocks

Poetry will be admitted. However, we ask to regroup poems in collections to reach the shop. Those who have sufficient collections of quality, just like writers who write good quality content, will be able to apply for a contract.

I hope it answers your question properly,

Great to know that and when it will be released i will share my work. Have a great time ahead.

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Good news for those users who have the talent to create long-range stories.

One thing that will call many is the proposed defense for negative vote abuses. Something that some fear these days.


A community should stand for its members, and not tolerate bullying or other forms of abuse!

There will be a place for short-range stories as well as biography, any form of writer will have his/her place in the platform. But those who lacked most a place of their own are those with long-range stories, hence why I mostly emphasized it.

Thanks for reading and commenting,
@djennyfloro .

Congratulations on the progress, the project seems interesting to writers.

On the web I usually find places where I read or download books such as or, if it is specifically from novels I can use as an example

I am curious, I know several sites that translate novels originally published at and I usually find them on sponsorship or donation platforms to cover operating costs and keep translating, what I want to ask is the platform that Are they building work oriented only to their own creations or could translators of content that were originally in other languages participate?

Future Writer Vision will welcome all kind of translations, however, we must strive to preserve the interest of everyone, and therefore, consent of the original owner must be given, or the rights for a translation must be acquired properly, so to stay in the legality. To this end, I'm going to put a list of novels whose authors have agreed to be translated and will grow this list. Sometimes such rights must be purchased, so such things must be protected, intellectual property is the bread-winner of these people, we can't be light on that.

Also, when you submit a novel of your own you can check "I would like to be translated" during the process. If you do, your novel will appear on the list, and 3% of the benefices made on the translation side will be transferred to you.

I love this idea!

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Hello dear @djennyfloro, great information.

Very good initiative friend, good luck with your project and you have much success.