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Hello everyone!

So, today I'd like to share something personal...

After spending so much time thinking about ways to make the Future Media Vision project goes up, I realized that it's not going to be smooth setting up such a big budget, especially at the first, as I have no personal assets I could sell / trade for help in that domain.

That's why I have decided to that I'll attack that problem from another angle. I'll invest and put greater efforts in this blog while I finetune the different aspects of this project, and as this blog grows, and the income becomes sufficient to fund another part of the project, I will craft the Future Media Vision project, as well as the different parts that will end up making a whole.

Right now, the price of Steem is low, so it's the ideal moment to work on it, however, as sad as it can be, I am unfortunately not able to invest financially in it, so I'll invest what I have most:

  • Ressources,
  • Tutorials,
  • Upvote,
  • Reviews.

How will this be?
Through my patreon page. I will put on my patreon, resources that everyone can use for their videos, blog, emails, etc. Some will be for free, like the music I posted. Some will be only visible to those who are my patreons (It starts at 1$). In exchange for the pledges, I will offer different perks here in Steemit. It goes from upvote to the tutorials and the resources that can be freely used.

When I have enough patreons, I'll add a tier where people can request reviews of one or more posts too, as well as correction of one or more post.

The money will be split in half: half of the monthly pledge will be spent buying steem so that this account will grow properly in size, and the other half will be to support my projects and create even more assets for my patreons. This way the upvotes you gain as a bonus from being a patreon will become larger and larger as the blog grows, and the projects will be founded better.

Lastly, if the patreon grows enough income for my projects, I will set my posts to be 100% SP, increasing the overall value of my upvotes, comments, and allowing me to dedicate even more time to engage the community & the projects that I'm bearing.

Hope you find the idea agreeable,
Djenny Floro.

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My Patreon page.


Dear @djennyfloro

You mind if I ask you, what is your estimated budget for this project and how far are you with collecting funds?

I've never used patreon. I've heard many influencers complaining that their accounts has been blocked for "hate speach" etc. I hope this platform will work fine in your case.

Could you share your experience with Patreon so far? How does it work from user and influencer point of view?

ps. Check out my latest post if you have a chance. I would appreciate your feedback.

Have a great weekend ahead . Upvote on the way. Catch :)

Dear @crypto.piotr,

I think that every plateoform will have the people who says that they've been squandered in some way or another. You cannot find a place that has made everyone happy.

So this page is 100% new, there are 0 patrons and 0 people for now.

The way it works though is that people pledge a certain amount like either a flat sum or more often a recurring amount (Most often, 1$/month) in exchange of which you obtain either perks, advanced things & goodies depending on the type of blogs. Each month you receive on your PayPal your what's been paid.

Unlike other types of platforms, you can either subscribe for a long-term (like 1$ every month) or flat. I've set 4 tiers (1,5, 15, 50) While my first goal is 10 subscriber of any tiers, my mid-term goal is around 200 subscribers, and long term goal at 1000 subscribers.

With such goals, I can work on growing this blog, spend the necessary for the project, and accumulate monthly SP in this account, making it easier to then support people in Steem. My goal is to post only 1 once a week,n post of big quality, and have the means to spare more time looking/commenting posts. With this king of double (Patron/Steem) I'll be able to afford full reviews, comments, and even correction for those who want, on not only the people who I'm on contact within Steem but also new people!

Late thank you for your reply @djennyfloro

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