The gift of corona

in palnet •  10 days ago 

This might sound strange but personally I am currently thankful for the Corona Virus.
Of course I regret all the people who are sick and possibly dying but I have decided to try and see the best in things.

So I looked around and found a lot of things to be thankful for and found that focusing on those made me feel better and optimistic instead of seeing everything gloomy and doomy.


The main thing I have won is TIME

  • Time to go walking with the dog
  • Time to have a nice conversation with my wife
  • Time to read a few books I have kept postponing
  • Time to do an online course in SEO
  • Time to do nothing and feel ok about that
  • Time to cook and try new recipes
  • Time to sleep in once in a while
  • Time to cut down on useless spending
  • Time to clean the apartment top to bottom

What have you won, what are you thankful for in these times of global fear and panic?

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There's a lot of time on our hands right now, in that you are right!

Have a productive day ahead, my friend!

anything you are thankful for?

Time to get the #Hive on 😎

doing that now, still wrapping my head around it, so much the same but so much different. This will be easier for those that are just starting out now since they get only hive

I know exactly what you mean,

I'm loving self-isolation.

Plenty of time to do everything I want, and I;m not exactly missing work, back to cleaning my house and prepping it for a damn good painting! n

going "eggshell" ???

how is the van plan coming along?

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