vision - a poem

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my eyes have grown
to see nuance in the dark
my body becomes shadows
my heartbeat a whisper
when I am the night
I am freer than I've ever been
in someone else's daylight.


Good morning folks!

Today is a bit of a slow day for me. I'm going to be cleaning up an old laptop and maybe doing some grocery shopping. I have some short stories to work on, but truthfully Friday is a day where I often let myself relax on work! It's good to have a day off!

This poem was written in ...2017 I believe. It's a simple piece, about the need to find your own space. I think this resonates with me even more now than it did then.

I have often made the mistake of trying too hard to help other people in their visions. I'm not sure if it's my personality or a part of the brain injury or what but as I've been healing, I really see how important it is to tend to your own house first. If my own house isn't stable with a good foundation, I don't have anything at all. It is a powerless feeling.

I am enjoying the feeling of being much more powerful now. To try to contribute to others, but also to work on my own things first. I think I am more generous in the end that way, because I come from a more solid place.

I'm going to go enjoy my Friday. Have a good day folks!





A beautiful poem hon. And yes, I agree - this is a lesson we all need to learn, sometimes more than once. I have also always put others before myself... for the first time in my life now, I will no longer do that to my own detriment...

Thank you! I'm so happy you're making the decision to put yourself first. xo You do a lot so it's good to make sure you're taking care of you too.

I hope that you're having a fun Friday! May you have a great one

Thank you! Friday was lovely :) I hope your weekend was good as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Beautiful poem.

Glad you see the nuance in the dark.
I fully get what you mean with building your foundation before helping others. I found that was a stronger foundation you can do more for yourself AND for others. Have a great weekend.

Thank you! Yes, wise words.

Of all of your poems that I've had the chance to see recently, I think this one speaks the most to me. I really like it! It's like taking what you have and making it your own can be more satisfying than struggling to live someone else's life. Idk lol, but I like it :)

Thank you!

Yes, I agree. You have to make something that is satisfying to you, rather than someone else.

Thanks for the poem, it gives me a moment to step out of my own head and see the imagery of the other person's interior mindset.

Thanks for stopping by!

Agree. You are first of all you. That can't be replaced.

Have good nights :)

Very true. :) You as well!

That was just beautiful, have a great Sunday @justatouchfey 🙏

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Thank you so much! :)


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xoxo :)

You have a kind heart but yes it is true when helping others before ourselves we often fail or delay our own vision. Help when we can but keep some love for ourselves to pursue our dreams.

Very wise words. Thank you!

I so agree with you!! We need to have our own house in order before we can be impactful in the world!!

Very true!! Thanks for stopping by Marianne!

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I still haven't learned to put myself first. My own projects gather dust while I work for someone else.

Then again, I have so many projects that I'll never be able to do anything for others if I try to complete all my own stuff first. I think it is a case of finding balance; this seems to be the best method wherever I look.

Balance is definitely best! Sometimes it can help us hone our focus to work on other people's things if we have too many of our own projects.