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Barcelona Cosmocaixa honeycomb (Wikimedia)

[This report is made programmatically by witness @puncakbukit.]

Derived from the former seven days blockchain's input (sometihng like 33580 posts/4479 users and 78035 answers/3455 users), we drew some stat of Hive events as follows.


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Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 43 [Dynamic prize pool with 50+ HIVE]
LMAC #42 - The Final Poll! Vote for your favorite entries and help decide who the winners will be! [92 HIVE to be awarded]
G-dogs weekend-engagement topic week 4: Draw yourself [Win hive!]

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Here is a beautiful picture of yours truly, @beckie96830. Sittin
Here I am, hard at work on the house. image.png
!hw ban Permanent ban with no chance of appeal. This user is b

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palnetYour Monthly Hive Report - June 2020
neoxianYour Monthly Hive Report - June 2020
hiveLMAC #42 - The Final Poll! Vote for your favorite entries and help decide who the winners will be! [92 HIVE to be awarded]


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cardSplinterlands Monster Giveaway 7000 DEC plus an ORB and a TIP
andoidMy Actifit Report Card: July 4 2020
actifitImportant Hive Links

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hiveTo be honest I was expecting more details in this post, but to r
workHere I am, hard at work on the house. image.png
supportFor this drawing I wanted to represent myself, @edwarlyn11, in a


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@utopiaeducatorsOverthinking disorder
@kapitanrosomakCall of Duty 1 vs 1 Gulag ️

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@galenkpBwahaha! Making good use of that money mate. Lucking you're a
@creativemaryThe title says it all "media freaking out". Yes, it is all from
@silvertopAwesome post as always @silversaver888!! I know I have said thi

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ActifitMy Actifit Report Card: July 4 2020
DTubeIt's Saturday 4th July 2020! Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. Drop a link to an undervalued post for chance of resteem upvote and tweet (or leave me a comment and I'll check out your blog)


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Rare Posts
I just want you, nothing else.
my goal is to keep you smiling
A Love Sign Placed on the Floor
Rare Comments
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Guessed Posts
The Hive Engagement League
Crypto Contest July 5: Valor Token
Losing confidence and everyday PHUD

[This report is made programmatically by witness @puncakbukit.]

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