HIVE goes SKY HIGH & CMC shows political face

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By just looking at the Chart, even without a full Haejin Mode here, I'd say we might grow up to ~0.80/0.85$ today before a slowdown will start.

20200426 10_29_42Hive HIVE Kurs, Chart, und grundlegende Informationen _ CoinGecko.png

At the same time on CMC????
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They just refuse to rank it fair.

There is some algorithm working to support their political crypto narrative and whoever wrote it, that person was not prepared to see HIVE grow like this.
20200426 11_07_03Hive HIVE price, charts, market cap, and other metrics _ CoinMarketCap.png

I can't tell you if CMC has always been political like that, but I can smell the SiHat across the whole globe. Binance is the third time in less than 2 Months now a very bad actor in games against former STEEM / now HIVE.

  1. They staked STEEM Funds to overthrow governance
  2. They released HIVE Airdrop funds for bad actors to plot against the HIVE price
  3. Their Company CoinMarketCap refuses to rate HIVE fair
20200426 11_25_32Hive HIVE price, charts, market cap, and other metrics _ CoinMarketCap.pngLegit B.S.

Meanwhile we all still wait for the actual HIVE Airdrop on Binance.

I can tell you, this smells like a real scandal to me and I will keep watching closely and talking about it. I've been thinking that it could be the case for weeks, but now evidence also stats to appear from time to time. The Take-Over attempts against the #FreeHIVE (former STEEM) is not over yet.

Wish you all a great Sunday,

Manni Over&Out.

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In the meantime CMC corrected their manipulation!

it was a good proof, that there are automated manipulations factors at work. That is what everyone was fearing and also what gives or takes away all credibility.