Creativecoin miners are live

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We are pleased to announce that Creative Coin Miners are Live and on the steem-engine dex right now.

The symbol is CCCM

We have them set at 100 Steem per Miner with less than 500 miners available for the first month. Starting September 1st, 100 more miners will be added to the dex and each month through December. At that point we will look to evaluate the market and proceed from there with possible new terms/pricing.

Please Note These are our "MEGA miners" with each miner giving you 5 attempts at the pool per drop period.

Each hour there are 20 chances to mine a token with a pool of 8.5 tokens per chance. That is 170 Tokens per hour in the pool.

170 tokens x 24 hours = 4080 Tokens per day.

4080 x 365 = 1.489 million tokens.

Keep in mind that the more miners you have, the more chances you have at winning that particular round.

To enable miners, you must stake them. We do have an 8 week unstake time period

Partial miners will still mine, but your chances drop significantly.

Feel free to stop by our Discord with any questions.


This is awesome! I have no idea what I'm doing, really, but – I just bought my first miner. I may be clueless, but I'm still doin' a lil' happy dance! <3 Lovin' CC so much – nice to be surrounded by my peops. :)

Same here, no clue what the hell a miner is in this context, or if token miners even actually exist. But then, when HF21 hits it might all be over right, so let's live in the moment while we can ;-)

Flag in a Zippy!

I'm not quite sure I understand the idea behind mining tokens. Isn't a token just brought into existence by a smart contract running on top of the underlying blockchain? Are the actual miners about running the hardware that makes the smart contracts and/or the CCC hosting infrastructure possible? Got myself 0.28 CCCM right now, but to be frank, I don't really get what it actually is, because how I understand tokens, they aren't actually mined. So I kinda feel I am buying stuff that doesn't actually exist.

So keep on selling the rewards as they come in! Use the scam against them! Eventually the house of cards will fall out from below as soon as they all catch on, as it is unsustainable in the long run! They are just making money out of thin air! The invisible hand of the market knows all!

I have 10 miners now...

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Had no idea about this project a week ago, let alone mining for CC. Where are we going?

Very neat. Just staked a miner.
Very curious to see how it works.
CreativeCoin is the first tribe with which I have done this.
Tempting to invest straight into CCC but perhaps the CCCM will be a good learning experience.

I just bought 1 CCCM and now I feel part of the team! :)

Your platform is what we wanted, I use it with satisfaction!

how to mine

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