FINALLY! The Second Half of the Creative Coin Airdrop is COMPLETED!

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Thank you guys for your patience on this. I've been pulling my hair out not knowing when this was going to happen.

But as of this writing, the second half of air-drops is complete!


That's a huge load off my mind.

Remember: This is just the FIRST airdrop, there will be UP TO 3 more. Maybe less. MOST likely less. Those of you that dump the coins will be removed from further airdrops.

I'm eyeing August 4th as the second air-drop date, but that may change.

If all goes well, the miners will be on sale tonight. Limited and powerful, this is an opportunity you don;t want to miss. My next post will have all of the details.

I'm going to go pass out now.


Thank you so much for the airdrop. just received mine 7 hours ago. i will stake them and publish some of my creative work in the near future. You will find that practising science is a creative process...

thanks again (and upvoted)!!

not sure if i got any. if i stand on my head and count backwards from infinity, is that creative enough to get some? oh i think i did buy 1000 awhile ago or was it the airdrop? i cant remember lol

No but I got something creative 4 ya. leggomeswelker101-O’ - & more flags 2 succafish!

The craze is such that many user already making #creativecoin a common hashtag

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Yeah i'm goin' to craze flagging u!

I sold tokens earlier on steem engine, not realizing that this was an airdrop for a Steemit creativity token! Sorry, haha, I thought it was from my splinterlands gaming, not related to something I actually do on Steemit. Anyway, just used the tag, seems like a cool idea!

at last! Checking my wallet tonight once I’m home.

Why don't you check you're toilette while your at it!

Thanks for your hard work!
I also got airdropped tokens.
Many thanks."D

U better dump those crap coins quick, they are going own like ur SP, but even faster! You'll see, just hold on to them then! lol k - good boy! flick this flag!

That's pretty swell, swelker!

I realise asking questions to a person who has passed out is pretty futile.....but how do I qualify for the next airdrop? prods swelker with a stick

.....oh apparently I already got 1000 of them! Thanks, you don't have to answer. Or wake up. And while Im here I might also steal one of your eyelashes so one day I can clone you and create an army of passed out philanthropists x

Thank You for the AIRDROP of CCC and I did Get 1000 Coins. Appreciate It. @swelker

Hi Swelker, for when you are awake; may i please ask if there was some requirement needed to have gotten an airdrop. I have a large community on whose ccc posts i will be curating. I am buying some ccc already. I wonder if i got an airdrop, maybe it got mixed up or if i was eligible at all for it

I didn't get marlians too.

Thanks for the inclusion in the first airdrop. Will the possibility ofr delegation also become available for creativecoin? Would be a great addition to an already great platform.

I got 1k CCC token & want to stake them.But,I want to know that how many ccc coin I may leave with my 1k stake per vote.

So I'm wondering what the requirements are for getting the airdrop, and that's because I've done a bit of creative works, but I didn't get no airdrop, perhaps there were requirements for getting it.

Total awesomeness @swelker101 and the whole Creativecoin Team!! I just did my first posting in Creativecoin about getting the first airdrop of 1000 Tokens in my wallet earlier this morning! Woot Woot, so glad for you guys that it finally worked for you! upped 💯 and resteemed!👍👍👍😎 #palnet #neoxian #creativecoin

Thank you Shane @swelker101 I am so happy I received some :D
Thanks, thanks, thank you.

You love evil @swelker101? Guess u don't learn shit! Flags A coming! I don't discriminate, I'm coming for ya finally! Get ready!!

I received and staked my 1000 CCC and looking forward to the next Airdrop. Thank you in advanced my friend.

Because i upvoted you @swelker101 and or supported you or @richardcrill , @coffeebuds , @themarkymark @abusereports , for some unknown reason as a retaliation "coinsinstant"/ "honusurf" Has decided to Flag my latest posting with "kdtkaren" BOT for abslutely no reason, and im sure he will continue to flag all my stuff ONLY Because hes mad at you guys or you specifically! I haver done anything at all to this guy and dont even know him untill now, this is total bullshit!! can you please upvote my latest post as its now whited out on steemit for no reason, this is not my problem and its bullshit that I am being caught up in this issue that has absolutely nothing to do with me , please straighten this out ASAP @swelker101 , thank you!!
My Latest FLAGGED Post Which was just upvoted by @whatsup And is no longer Whited out, thank you, BUT MY POST PAYOUT IN EVERY TRIBE TAG IS 0 !!

coininstant/honusurf and his mother's account kdtkaren and (his aunts?) robinmmthompson are all used by the same dude Nick. He is a toxic and volatile troll who is at war with everything in the universe.

There isn't much that can be done but just ignore him. If he hides a post of yours feel free to ping me and I will make visible again. coininstant and honusurf cannot hide posts/comments anymore as they are banned from Steemit owned nodes but kdtkaren can but she doesn't have a lot of power.

Thanks for your reply @themarkymark , There is a whole litany (66) of bot NaN votes on my Tribe postings with a 0 payout in all of them, this is so rediculous as its hard enough to get ahead on Steemit to begin with , plus I dont have time for this nonsense , nor does anyone else. Just another reasone for people to leave this platform!!😳😩

(NaN) votes are a bug in the UI. There is a patch that should fix that for your nitrous instance. Been reporting quite a few bugs with tribes (scotbot & nitrous) which have been getting fixed and rolled out to other tribes.

Ok, thanks for the info its much appreciated! glad to know that at least it has nothing to do with that Toxic idiot!👍👍👍🙋

If you have an example, send me a link and I will have a look.

🙄 I'm getting upvotes now on my latest post. Here is the message I just got sent from him "honusurf" looks like he is never going stop bothering me constantly!!:
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I just suggest ignoring him.

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