The stubbornness of a misconception.

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"There are men who seem to have only one idea and it is a pity that it is wrong."

Charles dickens

Few things are so severely stubborn to survive as preconceptions or prejudices that, even if they are wrong in certain cases or in the face of world changes, become a kind of psychological pillar for people. Getting to the point that denying that idea or showing that it is no longer valid in today's world, or that perhaps it was never a valid idea, can trigger a dangerously violent reaction.

To a certain extent, it cannot be asked that a person does not have ideas rooted in their way of thinking, because that is something very common, but it should be taught from the beginning of life that the world changes, so realities and ideas about them are also going to change. It may take so long to change that a person can live and die before the necessary change occurs, but in other cases, change occurs almost like a cataclysm, like lightning striking a tree to pieces.

If, in addition to being a mono-idea person, it turns out that the main idea that defines him is a mistake, whatever the type, because the thing is aggravated and surely the stubbornness to defend it or to attack anything that show you that error will be manifested with much greater fury.

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