Mount Shuksan and 100k Hive!

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Just powered up to over 100k hive which has been a milestone for quite a while. I will give an update on our lockdown in the next 24 hours but until then here is a shot of last of the alpenglow on Mount Shuksan (2,783 m or 9,131 ft) about 40 minutes after sunset. The name Shuksan is derived from the Lummi word šéqsən, which is thought to mean "high peak". Traditionally however the mountain was most likely called shéqsan ("high foot") or ch’ésqen ("golden eagle") in the Nooksack language. The highest point on the massif is a three sided peak known as the Summit Pyramid. Looking across The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest to the North Cascades National Park, Washington State, USA


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

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Just powered up to over 100k hive which has been a milestone for quite a while.

Congrats! Gotta love forks and the opportunity to double the good assets.

Indeed . Just wish steem price would hold up a bit higher .

Meanwhile im sitting on 4.8K powered up hive and looking forward to hitting 5k.😂

Anyway congratz for this milestone of yours! Its a great amount.
Next milestone 500k?

500k might be a bit ambitious; unless Sun pumps steem to CrAzy levels . If the Steem price holds up perhaps 150k.

Great photo as always, but today bigger congratulations goes to your milestone!
Amazing number...
I will hit 1k soon also, big credit to you for that with your continious support :)

Hope days are not too long for you at this time...

Funny that round numbers mean something to us all but for some reason they do . Hope your travelling ok in the lockdown so to speak

That is a great shot and congrats on the crossing over 100. Did it feel as good as you had hoped? :)

It did feel kind of special; normally not much of a numbers person but it's been a long road . Hope sun can pump steem a bit harder these next few weeks .

Beautiful shot and congrats to the 100k Hive. What a huge number! 💪

Thanks mate .

100k! Congratz! \0/ And damn would I give something to be up on that mountain right now <3

Yes so would I. We are locked down on a small sailing boat in St Martin. So feeling particularly trapped at the moment .

Whoa - that sounds far from ideal :-/ How do you get food? Will some harbours allow you to get off the boat?

Yes hard with three kids 6 and under. We are allowed one person off the boat to get essential supplies with a permit.

I just wrote a new post about it.

📸 Congratulations! Your picture received a 100% Upvote 📸


Congratulations on the big number XD Symbolically scrambling up a number mountain which unlike this one doesn't have a top? :)

Thanks. It's been a long haul

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Depends on you view of the word OK


I just wrote a new post about it.

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