Our Covid-19 Pandemic Update

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Wow ! Hive is coming on the 20th! Will this be my last post on steem?

Given the current global virus calamity, I thought I better put something up to say we are well and still sailing around the Caribbean. We have been slowly moving up the Lesser Antilles (Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, Nevis, St Kits, Sint Eustatius, Saba and St Martin/Sint Maarten). We are currently in French St Martin doing some boat maintenance and reprovisioning.

This past week we have seen the global socioeconomic climate change dramatically in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and quite a number of countries around us are introducing various forms of restrictions on entry. The French side of St Martin now has a full shutdown of all non-essential shops or services, and has stopped all commercial cruse ships and flights form the USA or Europe. Only time will tell where things go from here; but we are prepared to wait it out at anchor somewhere on our sailboat. We are healthy, have more flexibility than most, and are reasonably self-sufficient for long periods of time on the yacht. For that we are grateful. Oh and the photo; it’s of one of the nine active volcanoes found on Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). Stay safe everyone, and remember, preparation not panic.

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If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

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Sailing through the pandemic! Great place to be for a shelter-in-place order since your house literally follows you.

Just make sure none of the crew gets infected.

See you on Hive!

Cant believe Hive is actually happening after all the talk over the years.

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Welcome! :))

Sailing must be far less cabin-fever inducing than being stuck in our land bound homes.

That photo is almost dream-like.

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Congratulations @intrepidphotos

It is almost dream like; but the border closures have made it difficult now.

Stay safe! And great photo 🙂👍


Some people around here (where I am not necessarily on steem but I guess the same could apply? XD) seem to think their panic is preparing -_-

Glad that you're all still good and that you'll be fine on the yacht :)

Unless you squeeze in another post i guess we'll see you on the hive? :D

Yes. I think almost everyone will be moving over.

Hey mate, I hadn't read about hive yet, so thanks. I've been busy working.

So, I'll see you on hive in a few days I suppose. Make sure you're looking out for yourselves in the real world and stay safe huh?

looks like scomo just fkd us over with his global travel ban as our insurance company wont cover class 4 travel warnings (which used to be just Iraq Iran Afghanistan and Venezuela and is now the whole world)

Yep, it's all fucked up here mate...Shit is going to get bad. You have any options?

Trying to figure that out.

Good luck. I'm trying to sort of my Europe flights...2 hours on hold so far...

We just have to ride it out with no insurance; we are healthy and not much we can do otherwise.

Yep, that's all there is I guess. I have insurance for my EU flights and still stand to lose. It sucks. Could be worse though I guess.

I have insurance lol but it does not cover anything now its Class 4 restriction except for lost flights home; which does not help me as I was sailing home over a few years and hard to put in a claim for that.

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The question all of us in Australia want answered is "Do you have enough toilet paper and pasta?" And if so..."can I borrow some?"

I hope you guys get through this without too much hassle. I guess a sail boat of 5 people isn't likely to be harbouring a virus like this so they should let you dock?

Most of the countries have closed their borders now which makes movement restricted. We are in lockdown in French Saint Martin at the moment.

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