The Palais de l'Isle in Annecy - evening views [ENG-FR]

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Some photos taken last evening during our walk in the old town (Annecy, France)Quelques photos prises hier soir lors de notre promenade dans la vieille ville (Annecy, Haute-Savoie)
the weather was rather gray and it was 9:15 p.m. but nevertheless, this corner remains indeed very pretty with its flowered planters ...le temps était plutôt gris et il était 21h15, mais malgré tout, ce coin reste vraiment très joli avec ses jardinières fleuries ...
.. Remember, I already told you about this building here, it is the Palais de l'Isle which far from being a real palace is the building that housed the old prisons at a time fortunately very far away 😉..Souvenez-vous, je vous ai déjà parlé de ce batiment ici , il s'agit du Palais de l'Isle qui loin d'être un véritable palais est le batiment qui abritait les anciennes prisons à un temps heureusement fort lointain 😉


all along the quay on the right, the planters are full of flowers and give a touch of cheerfulness to this canal even if the sun is not presenttout le long du quai à droite, les jardinières regorgent de fleurs et donnent une touche de gaieté à ce canal même si le soleil n'est pas présent
on the bridge where I am to photograph, flowers also garnish the padding for a truly bucolic effect ...sur le pont où je suis pour photographier, des fleurs également garnissent la rembarde pour un effet vraiment bucolique...


You see the boat in the middle of the canal with the three young trees ..?Vous voyez la barque au milieu du canal avec les trois jeunes arbres..?
this is part of the artistic journey I told you about in my post and which takes place every summerceci fait partie du parcours artistique dont je vous ai parlé dans mon post et qui a lieu tous les étés


isn't it absolutely charming and unexpected?est-ce que ça n'est pas absolument charmant et inattendu ?
A delicious idea that renews our view of these old prisons every year, which, I remind you, are the most photographed building in the city 😉Une délicieuse idée qui renouvelle toutes les années la vue que nous avons de ces vieilles prisons qui, je vous le rappelle, sont le batiment le plus photographié de la ville 😉


Now here is the same view but half an hour later as night falls and the lights start to come onA présent, voici la même vue mais une demi-heure plus tard alors que la nuit tombe et que les lumières commencent à s'allumer
forgive the mediocre quality of the photos but my smartphone is not very efficient when the evening comes ... 😉pardonnez la médiocre qualité des photos mais mon smartphone n'est pas très performant lorsque le soir s'en vient...😉




And voilà my Lovelies, I wish you a wonderful weekend of relaxation and sweetness !Voilà les amis, je vous souhaite un merveilleux week-end de détente et de douceur !



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In that last photo, 3 or 4 awnings back is where I had lunch when I was there. Very touristy, but then I was a tourist and it was lovely to sit there and people watch, and watch the ducks, too!
I love the boat with the trees! How interesting! claims this is the most photographed building in Europe.

Oh also won the european first place..!? 😁 😊

I have to confess since the lockdown I have much difficulties to be in the old town or near the lake, as these places are now crowded and it seems I can not stand it anymore....
before the lockdown, I was already kinda agoraphobic (sort of) but I could ignore the world around me and enjoy the surrounding beauty...maybe it was because I didn't know the other face of the things that have been revealed during the lockdown : things are naturally beautiful and divine by essence, and we human have a propency to make it ugly and less enjoyable by our non-thoughtful presence...
I don't know if my words make sense...I hope you feel what I mean..;

I was in the old town on this evening I took the photos, and it was awfully noisy and smelly, people crammed on the terraces, cigarette smoke everywhere, a deafening and unpleasant noise, nothing appreciable other than these photos that I hastened to take to remember that I love my city, but that I prefer it in quarantine, quiet, beautiful, fulfilled, filled with birdsong, full of beauty that the man could not denature at that time ....

Have a beautiful sunday on your quiet and wonderful place my dear @melinda010100 😘

I completely understand, (says she who has not left her house and yard all year!) And the strange part is, I am quite content with my lifestyle. I laughed at my daughter when she said that she will probably wear a mask for the rest of her life because people are 'icky'.
Cases of the virus continue to escalate here. I will just remain a hermit.

Yes if you are happy that way, just do it, this is how Life is really meant to be I think : Us doing whatever makes us feel good without justifying ourselves to others that would never understand us anyway...what a waste of time to justify our lives, isn't it ? I wish I had this awareness earlier in my life but still am very happy that I have it now and still have plenty of years to fill with fun and happiness before me 😄
I was wondering one thing : how do you manage for the food from your quite isolated place..?

I order my groceries online. I've been doing that for a couple of years, but the virus has caused more stores to create shopping apps, so I am able to do all my shopping online and have things delivered, usually within 2 hours. There is a service fee and then a tip for the driver, so I try to limit my shopping to once a month.
I have the driver bring the bags into my garage and place them on a counter out there, and then I can fill my scooter basket and bring them into the kitchen. I do wear gloves before handling them, but I don't sanitize each individual item, like I know some people do.
The hardware stores and pharmacies have shopping apps and even the fast food places do home delivery. It allows me to live so much more independently.

Oh . my. God. live my dream life ! 😄

Since I can't get about on my own, this is my best option, and I truly have no complaints about my life! 😊 @barbara-orenya

Your old town is so very pretty. The old jailhouse in the middle of the water is somewhat romantic. The lights reflecting in the water make really charming! Thanks for sharing more photos of the that part of your old town again. I recall that it was featured in your #alphabethunt J.
Have a lovely evening, my friend @barbara-orenya, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

You are right, it looks romantic NOW ...LoL..I guess the people in the middle age had a shiver running down their spine when they saw this building, but I doubt it was a pleasant shiver 😁 😄

chilling.pngHave a fantastic week @silversaver888 !

Hehe... and today, outdoor seating and dining around the Palais de l'Isle are prime! I wonder how it will be in the 23nd century. Our blogs may still be existing in the cloud somewhere, and someone will discover your article and see the Palais de l'Isle from your point of view... all charming and lovely!
Have a lovely week ahead, my dear @barbara-orenya, I look forward to seeing you for the e#alpabethunt this week!🥰🌺🤙

Lovely photos. I like the idea of time lapse pictures of the same place. It's like a picture coming to life frame after frame, changing scenes, changing moods. Thanks for the share. And yes, I agree with you. I kinda miss the quarantine scene when there's hardly anyone in the streets, where it's so peaceful and quiet. One can get use to that kind of life too after some time.

Thanks for your appreciation @gems.and.cookies 😊 Yes I truly enjoyed seeing my place quiet during the lockdown, things were so naturally going on without the human interference...😉
Have a cheerfulday.png !

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 14 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you Pix !

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great work. I really like the photos. congratulations.

Thank you 😉

Beautiful place and wonderful shots. I loved them. Congratulations @barbara-orenya

bunny.png for your appreciation @surika 😊

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Alors Tres belle!!!

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