One hundred paintings to photograph

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I am contacted by an art collector to photograph paintings, perfect, a new job, a new experience in a new environment.
We meet for details and the collector tells me that there are a hundred paintings to photograph! One hundred paintings, each with different sizes, different painting techniques ... large, small, HUGE, truly but truly a particular work.

Vengo contattato da un collezionista d'arte per fotografare dei quadri, perfetto, un nuovo lavoro, un'esperienza nuova in un ambiente nuovo.
Ci incontriamo per i dettagli e il collezionista mi dice che i quadri da fotografare sono cento! Cento quadri, ognuno con misure diverse, tecniche pittoriche diverse... grandi, piccoli, ENORMI, veramente ma veramente un lavoro particolare.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

Honestly, I don't understand it and therefore I can't judge as an expert but subjectively some of them were really strange.
The photo of each painting would have ended up in a brochure for customers so it was not a very simple job especially because the lights were set differently for each work to avoid strange reflections and altered colors.
A long job.

Sinceramente non me ne intendo e quindi non posso giudicare da esperto ma soggettivamente alcuni erano proprio strani.
La foto di ogni quadro sarebbe finita in una brochure per i clienti quindi non è stato un lavoro semplicissimo soprattutto perchè le luci erano settare diversamente per ogni opera per evitare strani riflessi e colori alterati.
Un lungo lavoro.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

Different years and eras but above all different estimates that often exceeded thousands of euros in value, some paintings arrived at figures to lose your head! you can therefore understand my fear.
For this post I made a selection of my favorites and I hope they are also to your liking.

Anni e epoche diverse ma soprattutto stime diverse che superavano spesso i migliaia di euro di valore, alcuni quadri arrivavano a cifre da perdere la testa! potete quindi capire il mio timore.
Per questo post ho fatto una selezione dei miei preferiti e spero siano anche di vostro gradimento.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

© 2020 @capitanonema. All rights reserved.

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Great art shared by you

i am pretty sure the Marc Chagall is expensive and the other paintings look rather expensive too. You are lucky to see this collection in person:)

I can assure you that Chagall is not the most expensive, I have seen very small and really ugly paintings with an absurd value.

Really,lol? At least the ones you are presenting at the post are beautiful:)

Ogni tanto cambiare tipo di lavoro, rimanendo sempre nello stesso ambito credo sia stimolante 😃 bravo!! 👏👏👏
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