Pictures of the day !

in #photographylast year

In this post I decided to share some pictures from a cool place I visited recently.


The first one is a picture with animals made by a kind of metalic rope :


The second guy is of a guy seems playing the role of security there and in case something will happen, people should just hit the button : lol


I liked also there the white tree, I didn't even understand if that's real or not :


They even had a place where anyone can train in case he/she wants, allis free :


This is how in Russia care about people to be healthy. ☺

This thing I don't even understand for what we need it :


I liked also this place, where you see some Russian writing and there are places where to sit :


I liked also these arcs along the way :


I liked a place with little rocks and I took a picture of that :


This place seems for kids to play :


Also, they already prepared the christmas tree :


I will double that, looks really nice :


That was all next to a big store area :


Where we have a good weather, usually a lot of people walk there, but in that day it wasn't that good and also it was the early morning.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures.

You're welcome to Russia. I'll be glad to meet you here. I already met 3 steemians in dusing my steem journey. ☺


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