Abandoned Finland - Old Factory Area

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Couple weeks ago I went in search of a little shipwreck I had seen in a friends instagram post and asked where it's located. I got good instructions and headed there when I had the family car for a few days. I didn't know that the shipwreck was in an old factory area that was mostly abandoned, trashed and graffiti filled. I was delighted to find the place.

There would have been a lot to see and I will definitely have to go on another trip, dressed to explore and go earlier so I'll have enough light. Now I didn't really go inside the building, just peeked in here and there.

There must be some business in some of the places still, because there were two brand spanking BMWs parked in one of the yards, but I didn't see or hear anyone, nor did the factory look too functional. My colourful imagination likes to think there was some really shady business going on in there.

Shot with the Nikon D7200, Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and 50-100mm f1.8.












You're brave going in alone, I do occasionally but prefer to with someone else. I reckon if I keep hassling you, that one day one of these will end up in the Urban Exploration community where it belongs!

I wasn’t alone this time, but I’m not really scared of the abandoned, unless it’s dark outside.

I haven’t yet figured out how or why to post on communities. And where it shows up, I want everything I post to be easily seen by those who follow me.

but I’m not really scared of the abandoned

Some of the dungeons I go in, you would be!

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Btw cool urbex adventure :)


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What a great collection of photos!


i just see destruction
where is creation?

Can’t you see the nature creating?



I worked in an auto plant for 14 years in my younger days, on the line first but finished up in management. There were 5500 people working there but in shut down periods only a handful. I used to wander around the massive multi-plant facility and imagine the apocalypse and all the machines, robots and systems gone silent forever. It was an immense place and a bit eerie wandering around there. Fun though. I like me a good old abandoned place. Nice images.

Auto plant is a funny name, like a green house but for cars. Planting cars.

It must have been a lot of fun to walk among the massive machines and feel their power even when they were having a nap.

Lol...I was wondering if that would translate.

A plant is a term used to describe a factory or big equipment like mining trucks. I don't know why, but that's what it means. The site I worked on was massive and each manufacturing building was called a *plant. Plant One, Plant two Plant three etc.

I worked in general assembly putting engines and gear boxes in initially (Plant 2) and ended up managing around 500 people in Plastics (Plant 5)...That was many years ago now though.

It was a massive place and was very cool just wandering around when the shut downs were on. We'd have programmed maintenance running and I'd supervise...But wander around also...It was cool. No photos though, that would have got me fired.

I know what it means, but I just find it funny :) It's also interesting that the word auto is not often used for automobiles, but car is the normal term nowadays, but in finnish car is still auto, short for automobiili.

Oh sorry, I wasn't sure. Sorry for that stupid explanation. 🥴

We say car generally. Car-plant. I like Automobiili though...I might start saying that...Give people another reason to think I'm a froot loop. 😁

Oh those flowers. They make me think that everywhere in Finland should be abandoned. Funny how graffiti seems to look the same everywhere, with those same big bubble letters. Shame that cart was abandoned. It seems to me that could be very useful at my house.

Well for your delight, I think most of Finland IS abandoned 😂😅 What would you use the cart for?

Oh lovely photos, I like to see urban explorations.

Thank you very much, I like to go and document the abandoned :)

Welcome😊Exploring is fun

I’m glad @slobberchops cross posted (he beat me too it grrrrr, the man never sleeps).
Great find, great snaps, classy camera.

Come join our community it would be good to see more of you

Haa, I don’t even have to post there myself if someone else cross posts my stuff there 😁

Thank you! I’ll try to remember to stop by next time I explore an abandoned place.

Excellent !look forward to it

Your vision for photos is always a delight to see

Thank you Kevin :)

Thank you for sharing the pictures. There's really something uniquely beautiful about abandoned sites! Places like this appeal to me because of the aura left behind by people who used to make a living there and their history echo through the empty halls

Even the old and abandoned building there looks quite aesthetic !

The graffiti is beautiful.

wow , nice , i like it a lot