I Don't Like Spiders

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But I think my insurance won't cover me burning down the whole house so I'm gonna need the money from this post. I'm obviously kidding. I won't burn down the house because this spider resided outside the balcony, so he'll have a pass.

I quite dislike these bastards, even though apparently they are useful somehow, and here in Finland, they are not poisonous to humans.

I did manage to gather enough courage to take a picture of this particular specimen because it was on the other side of the glass, and I had a long ass lens. This is where a shallow depth of field really works and is quite necessary, taking out all the mess on the background and leaving only the main event on show. I did boost the saturation quite a lot cause I think it worked really well for this image, the colours come from foliage, some windows and a brick wall.

Spider was shot and unharmed with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8.

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You know the bush fires that covered most of Australia at the start of this year? It was just to try to burn the spiders... kind of backfired though because it forced them all into the cities. Great photo though!

Lol...That bloody plan backfired for sure! I think most of them ended up at my place. Aussie through and through, but won't ever get used to liking those bastard spiders!



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I also have a huge dislike towards spiders. Even though Finnish spiders are so tiny and harmless. But as I also always try to save every creature lost in wrong place and where I know they would have pretty hard time finding out or that they probably would get killed sooner than later, that desire to save every animal is a huge contradiction with my spider dislike.

I bet I've looked pretty silly when carrying out a 5 mm sized spider (which is huge by Finnish standards) on a piece of paper terrified of the fact that if the spider moves even a tiniest bit, I would jump backwards, scream and throw the paper away from me. Which by the way never works, throwing a paper away from you, it would probably float gently towards me and I would rationalize in my head that the spider controls it and is now coming for me.

I sure would like to know what the spider thinks during it's rescue from being tramped to death. "Ei perse, ja mä kun aattelin vaan pitää hauskaa ja säikytellä lattialla makaavia kehonhuoltoihmisiä kauhun partaalle. Oppivathan vähän turvavälejä, suatana. Ja nyt toi idiootti kantaa mut ulos täältä mihin mulla kesti löytää koko eilisen päivän."

Late summer here we get a lot of those big ones with giant webs! I've walked right into them outside after it gets dark. Talk about having a panic attack :)

I do my best dancing after walking through a spider web...It's an interesting style, quite eclectic with little form or function.


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sometimes i feel so helpless

Are you alright?

Nice shot!

I don't mind them as long as they keep themselves outside, where they can help reduce the mosquito population. What I do NOT appreciate is when I wake up at 4:00 in the morning and realize that the vaguely dark spot on the ceiling over my bed is actually a spider...

... FAR more effective than my alarm clock!

Yeah that'll wake you up alright. * shudders *

Hola muy interesante, tu post, me agrado pero cuando de inecstos se trata, me agrada, gracias por compartir.

Don't like spiders? Come to Australia...We don't have any here. Honest. Lol.

Lies, LIES! And yours are huge and deadly.

Lol...Just a little lie...