Jesus Light Skyporn Extravaganza

in photography •  2 months ago 


This is a skyporn shitpost. Skyporn is my obsession. Gotta capture it all.



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Love a good crepuscular ray

I prefer to call it Jesus light or God rays.

I prefer to keep religion out of my meteorology; what about sunbeam ;-)

wash your mouth out with soap!

wow those photos are beautiful surprised me and gives me strength to say that nature is surprising and impressive. nice job. regards..

@eveuncovered's Sky Porn Contest. When is this happening?

Hahaha never! I do have another contest in mind though 😏

Spill the beans!

Cue the blurry cloud photos...

I've got a bunch to share, just waiting for Eve to set the community up :)

I better get out there and take some so i'm ready for when the community launches.

I'm sure you get the hang of it pretty quickly :)

It can't be hard to take shit photos after all! Lol. I'm half way there with the rubbish I produce already! Lol.

Amazing photos, the sky looks so so cool :)