Roadtrip East - Koli National Park

in photography •  2 months ago 


Finally got around to check my pictures from the mid summer trip to Koli. It feels like it was ages ago but these were taken only last week. I actually feel like it would be better to let the pictures be and check later to relive any trip. Usually I get right onto the pictures as soon as I'm home but then I'm still on the same high and it's all gone too soon.

I have more pictures from here but I'm putting these simple nature views up first and tomorrow I'll show a bit more.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f1.8.






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Ah, the expanse! The Great Outdoors...

Very good position above the landscape :) Have fun and take care!


Always love the nature :)

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I like

Me too

Very beautiful.

Finland is :)

Wow, that looks stunning!

I know right!

I want to just lay down under the trees and breathe the air

Koli 👌🏻

Kannatti lähteä!