The Pictures We Used to Take

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Do you remember the childlike enthusiasm, or maybe you were an actual child, when you got your first camera? The excitement to capture everything, shooting anything that momentarily caught your attention. You didn't have a plan or story to tell, you just wanted to capture everything around you.

I miss shooting like that. Sure there were a lot of misses but it was fun to shoot without trying to make a coherent photo story or have a goal in mind. There was no pressure.

I feel like I need to pull back a little and just shoot what ever random scene, object or light I come across any given time. I put too much pressure on myself these days when I do photography, it feels like I need to top what ever I have shot before and create something spectacular and time consuming. What end up happening is I dread it so much that I don't shoot at all if I don't feel like spending the whole day just doing that.



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I so understand that.... totally emphathise...

Photography should be fun and interesting, if it forced I think it shows in the end result.

I remember that feeling very well because I still have it to an extent. I started getting into photography with a goal to become much better at it about about two years ago.

I hope you never loose that feeling, it’s very exciting.

It is. But I have begun to lose some of it already. But that feeling is largely why I keep posting so much.

I keep changing my thinking between shooting less but with more intention and shooting a lot without much planning. I really don’t know which is better.

I practically never plan anything except for an hour or a couple of hours in advance. Whenever I get an opportunity, I go out and shoot. I do a lot of smartphone photography in our backyard because it's so easily accessible.

I basically have all the time in the world to shoot but I do get burned out if I do it all the time. Especially when my range to move around is limited without a car.

I’ve never mastered phone photography, I bow to anyone that can do it well 😅

The secret to good smartphone photography is to use the camera for what it's good for. It's got a very short focal length which makes the angle very wide. I've found it to be better for taking close-ups of small things than the DSLR.

The secret to good smartphone photography is to always have your DSLR with you 😝

My father got a digital camera and would let me touch it, but he would let me edit the photos so I got to drag the files onto the PC and open the editing software for him and do the adjustments he requested.

You know some people don’t even like to take pictures but love to edit them, weirdos!