Do You Feel The Same Way As Me About This Kind Of Product??? But I Do Admit Its Kinda Cute

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I dont know why, but maybe because cinema cant be operated since the covid19.
So the cinema lost all of their income.
They decide to sell cups like this.
Isnf it bizarre?
Well, i know that they always sell cup.
But usually, its only related to the movie that aired at the time as a souvenir of the movie.
So i dont get why they decided to randomly sell cups like this.
Yes i said randomly, why? Because the character is all basic character and some of the character doesn’t even have their own movie.

I honestly doesnt really interested with this kind of business because i wont feel attachment towards the cup and if i decided that i want to have an animated cup, then i better choose my favorite character rather than random character like this.

Though I understand that kids would go crazy about it.
I experienced myself when i was in a line for this product, there many kids/young mom in the line with me as well.
Why am i in a line? Am i buying this for myself?
No, as i said before, i m not interested.
But my friends asked me to buy this for them while im in a mall.
So i decided to get it got them.

The price is surprisingly cheap, its only 25.000 idr per pcs.
More or less, 2 usd.
Its surely way cheaper than their usual cup that they sell along with the currently airing movie.
But the quality is way different too.
This cup looks like it will break when you crush it.
Im sorry to say but its such a low quality cups.
Though the price is understandable for the quality.
I personally will be more interested if they actually put a good quality product with higher price.
This is reminds me of something that i heard a lot recentLy, cash grab.
There is totally nothing wrong with that especially in today’s economy since it helped the worker too but just as i said before, this is just not what im interested in.




So the first one are this pink huge cup.
I believe the character are someone from Line Friends right? Or Kakao? I dont know.
But i do admit its a bit cute because its so huge and i got tempted to hot this for myself but in the end i held myself back.







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