Hiking At Mukri Bog

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Another post I should have done a long time ago but for some reason forgot about it. Here I can show you another bog in Estonia. You have seen me posting about numerous different bogs and I have only scratched a surface basically. We have so many different wetlands here in the country. I have mentioned before that 27% of all the territory in Estonia is actually a wetland.

Here you can see a bog named Mukri. It is located in Raplamaa county not far from the town Järvakandi. Mukri bog is a pretty small what when compared to the others but it is thought to be one of the oldest bogs in Estonia. Its believed it formed 9 to 10 thousand years ago.


There is 2.5 kilometers long boardwalk that goes through the bog.


I visited this place on 7-th April and it is still a cold time in Estonia this time so you can see some of the small lakes still have ice layer on them.





In the middle of the bog there is also an 18-meter high watchtower. This gives a nice view of all the lakes and the surrounding landscape. Many of the Estonian bogs have towers in the middle, that is pretty cool so If you visit Estonia you should definitely check out one bog or two.




If you are not afraid of the dark water in the bog then you are welcome to take a dip in the lakes.



I think I have more bogs I have been and haven't posted about. Don't worry I will be, at some point.


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Good documentary about this swamp from Estonia.
I really don't know everything about this nation.
I loved the photo of the stairs, although all are very good.
I am struck by the long road, although I see it very narrow.
Greetings and congratulations on a Curie vote.

Thanks. Estonia is a really small country. Many people outside the europe has no idea of this place :D

Ma teadsin Eesti olemasolust, kuid eirasin neid üksikasju, tänan vastuse ja hea dokumentatsiooni eest.

Haha, no selge pilt :D

Such a beautiful piece of land. Estonia looks amazing on your photos :) I like seeing some much water everywhere. I can imagine that you can get tired of it when you live there but for us who don't it's beautiful :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Than you! We really do have much water. Many lakes and half of the border is a sea coast. I havent gotten tired yet :D

Dang son, that looks amazing! Great shots and keep the bogs coming :)

Thanx man! Yeah bogs are coming, no shortage of them :)

Everything has its time! Today it was for Mukri Bog. A spectacular landscape according to the photographs you show. The pines and the lake look very beautiful. I guess the ladder was made with pinewood; nice shot. Greetings @greddyforce and until a next swamp hahahaha

Thank you! Yes, this place is real nice! Im not sure what wood they used to build this haha :D

Nice photos :) I love the one from the top of the stairs.

Thanks. Yeah it was a cool tower.

Such a great experience it must be to be there

Yeah, its nice there. Always loving to be out in the nature.

ehy dear @greddyforce, thanks for bringing us with you to another place in the world that we probably would never have seen :-)) beautiful photos!

Thank you! No problem, glad you enjoyed to see this place.

Hello! A pleasure♡

I spent about 2 minutes watching the photos, I was really captivated by how colorful they look, they have a very beautiful light and want to teleport to that place! Totally fascinates your post :)

Heh, thanx, glad you like em shots! Wouldnt it be absolutely awesome if we could teleport to everywhere we wanted? I would travel all the places on this planet.

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