The Entrance to the Orange Garden

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Here is a digital art I created yesterday and sharing today with you :)

As a "straightforward" photographer, I prefer to use Adobe Lightroom when I do post-processing, I rarely use Photoshop. There are few reasons for this - I believe LR has been designed and created for the photographers while PS is a more complex too probably targeted to designers, painters and general image manipulation. LR allows for some general image tuning but with the lack of layers and the other sophisticated instruments, I have to say, it is the best tool for the modern photographer, IMHO :)

Sometimes, however, I have the impulse to create more abstract things. Then, of course, I load PS and start changing, playing and learning, as there is always some learning process involved when I jump into the complex interface and features of PS.

Why "The Entrance to the Orange Garden"?

That's simply because what you'll see on my original photo below and what really inspired me was the amazing "Orange Garden" in Rome, Italy. If you google or better duck-duck-go it for images you probably won't find its beautiful entrance and its small square. A lot of art could be found here, architecture, sculpture, etc...

Beautiful parked couple of Fiat Cinquecento ;) If you turn around at that place you'll find amazing faces wood-carved at the base of the huge tree logs. You've got to see it for yourself ;) There is much more, but I won't spoil it more...

My original travel photo, Roma, Italia <3:


Thanks and stay safe!

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