Some dried plants or my photo journal

in #photographylast month (edited)

I just had the most tiring activities today. A while ago we were re-organizing our furniture and also some of the cabinets. I had to do the heavy stuff which made my legs & arms sore. Anyway, it's a good thing I still have a little more energy to edit the photos I took earlier.

Writing something about these photos is quite challenging with my current physical state. I tried not to make it as if I'm complaining about my day. In fact, I really enjoyed rearranging our place. It makes me feel like we have entered the new year with this new look.



Now that I'm talking about how I was invigorated with the result of our effort today, it seems to contradict that I'm showing photos of these old & dried plants in my blog.

Anyway, I feel like there's still a form of beauty from this scene. It made me think that photography is a powerful visual representation of reality. By utilizing the visual techniques in my photos, I have created a scene interesting even if it's not in the actual scene. It almost feels like I tricked the one looking at these photos to make them feel amazed with these underwhelming subjects.

There's beauty in everything.

Have a great day!