Norwegian landscapes: One of the new spots...

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Hi Friends!

One of the shots I took during yesterday's woodland exploration.
I visited totally new for me location, looking for some new interesting spots I could visit in future in different conditions and seasons.

It is very important to know such places in different locations in case the good light or weather conditions appear - You can always grab the gear and go directly there, not loosing any time to think about the place or looking for something to shoot.

I could say it is extremely important!

Light won't wait, fog won't wait, autumn is short... springtime also ;).

I think this small forest falls will be one of the places I will re-visit in future - it is not so far from my place, it has a lot of potential with few other nice posts around, it is in close distance from parking place.

Hope You like it!

Jervan, Jervskogen forest, middle Norway.

Panoramic work.


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